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GEJI in Copenhagen

We were there -



Special GEJI reports:

BEYOND KYOTO - 25 international students covering a scientific conference, March 2009.
PLASTIC BAGS - students around the world exploring plastic bag usage, March-June 2009.


The GEJI sponsors:


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We are a group of journalism students and teachers from the Danish School of Media and Journalism - and from around the world.

We are reporting for our own COP15 website powered through the Global Environmental Journalism Initiative GEJI project; buy viagra online.We have during the climate summit a close coopering with the Copenhagen Post and its special daily issue, the Cop15Post.

We are also reporting for media outlets in our home countries such as SYN media in Melbourne, Perth Now in Perth, Franklin County News in New Zealand, HU Media in The Netherlands, and Hufvudstadsbladet in Finland.

Most of us are covering the Cop15 conference as part of our final project from the School of Media and Journalism in Aarhus, while our special guest from Finland is just on her way to an exchange semester in Australia.

See contact details here.; buy viagra online

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