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Global Day of Action

Global Day of Action - Copenhagen protests

Police expect arrests at harbour blocking Sunday

By Sjoerd Klumpenaar
[email protected]

The Copenhagen Police predict there will be arrests if the NGO collective Climate Justice Action fulfill its plans to block the Copenhagen Nordhavn port.

Police Spokesman Flemming Steen Munch said that if traffic will be troubled by the rally, the police would “sail in as vikings.” He confirmed that police will be patrolling undercover [...]

Visualise the invisible

(Soundslide and pictures by Anneke van de Vusse)

By Katie Day

Floating in St Jørgens Lake in Copenhagen, the CO2 Cube is a sculpture of light and sound, mirrored in the calm waters, displaying pictures of the Earth’s stunning landscape.

Constructed of 12 shipping containers stacked in an interlocking pattern on a custom made barge, joggers [...]

Hello world!

Welcome to GEJI at COP15.

Follow us here for 10 days – from the world’s most important summit: the United Nations climate conference in Copenhagen.

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It's done - COP15 was from 7-18 December 2009 - and did not reach the expected results. We (the student newsroom and lab) worked from 6-15 December - and reached more than we expected.

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