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GEJI in Copenhagen

We were there -



Special GEJI reports:

BEYOND KYOTO - 25 international students covering a scientific conference, March 2009.
PLASTIC BAGS - students around the world exploring plastic bag usage, March-June 2009.


The GEJI sponsors:


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Welcome to Monash Journalism!


The largest in Australia:
Monash University in Melbourne, Australia, offers the largest and most stimulating undergraduate journalism program in Australia. Buy cialis: it combines a practice-based approach with rigorous professional and intellectual standards.Students are taught by journalists who are at the top of their field buy cialis, including permanent staff who between them have won all of Australia’s most prestigious journalism and television awards.

Journalism students have access to a vast range of electives from the Arts Faculty and other parts of Australia’s largest university and can create a degree that suits their own interests and aspirations.

Monash Journalism is an exciting place to be, both for students who want a career in journalism, and for those who are still deciding their futures but want excellent research and communication skills.Read about us here.


A completely new program:

From 2010 Monash Journalism will be offering a completely new undergraduate program with two interfacing streams in Journalism Practice and Journalism Studies.

With the largest undergraduate Journalism program in Australia, Monash Journalism has the economies of scale to offer the most comprehensive range of electives.

The first year Journalism Practice program is focussed on news reporting and students take four modules – one each in print, online, video and radio.

In second year students extend into current affairs and feature formats, specialising in at least two media.

In third year students choose at least two specialisations from

  • economic reporting,
  • political reporting,
  • environmental reporting,
  • investigative reporting and
  • sport and cultural reporting,

and produce their journalism in their media of choice.

In the Journalism Studies stream, there are three core subjects:

  • News and Power,
  • Journalism and the Law and
  • Journalism: Practice and Discourse

and three electives available -

  • Journalism and Social Research,
  • Journalism: War and Conflict and
  • Journalism: City and Country.

There is a fourth year Honours program where students produce a major work for their portfolio and a scholarly dissertation.

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