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GEJI in Copenhagen

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Special GEJI reports:

BEYOND KYOTO - 25 international students covering a scientific conference, March 2009.
PLASTIC BAGS - students around the world exploring plastic bag usage, March-June 2009.


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yrjokoskinen-fasad-95pxThe Helsinki / Kautokeino partnership runs its GEJI course
* partly in Helsinki
cialis online pharmacy, capital city of Finland (SEE BELOW).And
* partly in Kautokeino cialis online pharmacy, the Sami capital in Northern Norway (see this link).


The Helsinki part:

Cross-Cultural Journalism and Arctic Ecology

- a term from January till June at the Swedish School of Social Science cialis online pharmacy, University of Helsinki, Finland, and Sami University College in Kautokeino, Norway.


A) In Helsinki cialis online pharmacy, Finland, from 8 January until 31 March 2010

  1. Introduction to the University of Helsinki and Finland, 2 ECTS
  2. A.Foreign Correspondence in Practice, 5 ECTS

B – cialis online pharmacy.Ethnicity cialis online pharmacy, Representation and the Media, 5 ECTS

C.International Journalism, 5 ECTS

D – cialis online pharmacy.Postmodern Politics in the Network Society: Comparative Environmental Perspectives, 5-8 ECTS

B) In Kautokeino, Norway, from 12 April to 4 June 2010
(i.e – cialis online pharmacy.time to travel and have a break between Helsinki and Kautokeino)

3. Cialis online pharmacy: environmental Journalism from a Sámi perspective, 10 ECTS



The Swedish School of Social Science (Soc&kom, 500 students) is an autonomous unit at the University of Helsinki (38 400 students), linked to the Faculty of Social Sciences – cialis online pharmacy.Studying at our School gives the benefits both of the cosy atmosphere of a small unit and of being part of the biggest university in Finland – cialis online pharmacy. Cialis online pharmacy: the School offers Bachelor’s degree programmes in the fields of Journalism, Social Work and Social Policy, Social Psychology and Psychology, Political Science and Law as well as some courses on Master’s level.Our School is going through a strong internationalisation at the moment and we have every year about 30 incoming as well as outgoing exchange students.

In August 2009 Swedish School of Social Science is moving to a new built building in the core city center of Helsinki (570 000 inhabitants cialis online pharmacy, of which app 6 % have Swedish as their first language), just in the middle of the Central Campus with libraries, university cafeterias (special rates for students) as well as sport facilities with students rates.

Helsinki is the capital of Finland (5,3 million inhabitants) and is situated on a peninsula with the Baltic Sea on three sides of downtown.The public transportation is very user friendly with fast connections with trams, metro as well as busses.

For the students at the University of Helsinki there are some 150 different associations, among which Erasmus Student Network (ESN – open for all exchange students) is very active arranging for the visiting students trips to among other places St-Petersburg (the second biggest town in Russia), daytrips by boat to Tallinn (capital of Estonia) and boat trips to Stockholm (capital in Sweden).

Applications for studying at the University of Helsinki should be made on-line between mid August and end of October (more information at or later in this information package) – cialis online pharmacy.See also our homepage for additional orientation and information.Interested students are advised to contact in advance.


The Foreign Reporting course is a theoretical and practical course aimed at providing students with the conceptual framework and the practical skills needed to work as a foreign reporter on assignment.

Feedback from course participants in Spring 2007 and 2009:

”Many guest lectures were truly inspiring, and it’s a very good idea that there is a real reporting trip.”

”I really liked the dynamism of the course and the constant search for perspectives and angles of approaching the topic.”

”It taught me a lot about how various groups of people are depicted in the media and the consequences thereof.”

”the reporting trip in particular was a fantastic opportunity to put the theory of parachute journalism into practice”

”[t]he course . – cialis online pharmacy..brought people from various parts of the world together”

“Best course I’ve ever taken.Great, interesting experience I can recommend to everyone with foreign interests.’”

’I really appreciated the effort the Finns and StudOrg put into including the foreign students in these kind of events, they made the course so much more enjoyable and made for some very fond memories.Tack!’

A total number of max 28 Journalism/Communication students at advanced bachelor’s / master’s level will be accepted to the course, based on their applications; cialis online pharmacy.The students are usually coming from app 8-10 different countries.

The Foreign Reporting Course consists of:

An introduction week specifically for international students is held 8 – 12 January (2 ECTS credits).
- Foreign Correspondence in Practice (5 ECTS credits)
- International Journalism (5 ECTS credits)
- Ethnicity cialis online pharmacy, Representation and the Media (5 ECTS credits)
- Postmodern Politics in the Network Society: Comparative Environmental Perspectives (5-8 ECTS credits)

The programme starts with and introduction week for foreign students, who will arrive in Helsinki and be accommodated on January 6 and 7.Note that January 6 is a national holiday when shops, institutions and the university are closed – cialis online pharmacy.On January 8 and 11 the students will get to know the university campus, learn how to use the university computer network, how to find books in libraries, visit the local populations register authorities as well as purchase a travel card and a student card – cialis online pharmacy.

The Foreign Reporting programme itself will start on January 12.The module and its four courses will take place mainly weekdays during the day, with possible exceptions, and you will have classes daily for 3-7 hours and are supposed to take part in at least 80 % of the sessions; cialis online pharmacy.Weekends are generally off; cialis online pharmacy.However, the assignments and the reporting trip to Estonia might take more time, depending on the students’ individual programme.



Swedish School of Social Science; cialis online pharmacy.Working assignments in Estonia.


5 ECTS credits

Course content:

The course is aimed at providing students with the conceptual framework and the practical skills needed to work as a foreign reporter on assignment.These include accessing sources in the country where assignments are carried out, report production and filing.Instructors and lecturers are drawn from both academic institutions and from the professional international press corps. Cialis online pharmacy: the course includes a one-week reporting trip to Estonia where the student produces a report(s) under actual working conditions.

The course consists of three parts:

• theory and practice of foreign reporting
• an intensive introduction to the target area, mainly Estonia
• working assignment(s) in Estonia and in Finland

Reporting trip research is expected to be carried out throughout the course.



Swedish School of Social Science


5 ECTS credits

Course content:

The course in International Journalism has a double focus.First, it discusses the international news flows as documented in the flow studies since the 1950s; cialis online pharmacy. Further the course focuses on the dominant modes of journalism and their journey across cultures and national borders – cialis online pharmacy. Cialis online pharmacy: guest lectures and visits to media institutions will help to sharpen the view on the role of news journalism in present-day world.The basic aim is to elaborate on problems embedded in the ideals of objectivity cialis online pharmacy, rapidity and the strict reporting modes that characterise internationally oriented news journalism.Thus basically the course deals with questions around journalistic professionalism.
The students are expected to be acquainted with some of the course literature before the beginning of the course.


Course participants are examined on the basis of an essay (8-10 pages).



Swedish School of Social Science


5 ECTS credits

Course content:

This course will explore the role of the media in impacting upon personal identities and framing the politics of diversity in contemporary societies; cialis online pharmacy.Drawing upon mass communication research cialis online pharmacy, cultural studies and social psychology the course will examine the means whereby the mass media may be partisan and biased in their representation of ethnic identities.Descriptive case studies of the ways in which the media may stereotype particular individuals and communities will be explored in relation to the routine practices of media production; cialis online pharmacy. Cialis online pharmacy: in a comparable way the role of the media in framing events and providing a taken-for-granted understanding of ethnic relations will be explored.

The professional context in which journalists generate news will be examined in relation to the concept of ‘communities of practice’; cialis online pharmacy.The implications of this for the way in which media professionals negotiate both the professional ethics and their ethnic identities will be discussed.

Going beyond a concern with the specifics of media representation the course will also examine the question of what should be the role of the media in multi-cultural societies; cialis online pharmacy. Cialis online pharmacy: the nature of the ‘public sphere’ in complex modern societies will be explored. Cialis online pharmacy: specifically, through case studies, the role of ‘minority ethnic media’ in multi-ethnic societies will be explored.


Course participants are examined on the basis of lecture participation, lecture diaries and an essay.



Swedish School of Social Science


5-8 ECTS credits

Course contents:

The course aims at exploring the complex relationship between new ICTs (information and communication technologies), globalization and basic concepts of political science – cialis online pharmacy. Cialis online pharmacy: there are several central dimensions of politics that have been affected on a global scale by the revolution in ICTs: e.g.political participation, citizenship, governance, political communication, and democracy overall – cialis online pharmacy.These are studied within the framework of postmodern politics as in the greater fragmentation of economic and political actors into autonomous networks as part and parcel of the network society.This development is especially topical within environmental politics and governance, which is covered from a Nordic/Australasian comparative perspective.

Lectures at the Swedish School of Social Science, UH, and other universities available on the web-portal of the course as a basis for lecture diaries, essays and discussion via Blackboard in combination with literature studies.


Course participants are examined through lecture diaries, essays and group-work via Blackboard on the basis of course material available on the web-portal of the course and selected course literature.

If the course is registered at Master’s level (8 ECTS) the course participant should write an additional essay, the heading, format and literature of which is agreed upon with the responsible teacher of the course; cialis online pharmacy.


On-line Application Form

· The Application Form for Exchange Students is an on-line form in two steps.

· Register first according to the information here

· You will get an email confirmation and go with this link into the database again and fill in the rest of the information needed

· Your stay in Helsinki should be indicated as 1.1-31.3

· Your Learning agreement should only state Foreign Reporting 20 ECTS

· Print both application form and Learning Agreement cialis online pharmacy, sign them (both you and the local coordinator) and either scan + upload them in the database or fax them to +358-9-191 22176 together with your Transcript of Records and a CV

· You will receive by e-mail a confirmation on the reception of the application.

For further information, please, visit


The International Student Mobility Services arranges together with HOAS (Foundation for Student Housing in Helsinki Region) housing for exchange students who have applied at the latest on the deadline.You can apply for housing on the Application Form for Exchange Students; cialis online pharmacy.Applications for the academic year 2009-10 onwards will be made directly via

The flats are partly furnished with a bed, table, chair as well as a kitchen to be shared with usually two other students.The rents (180-450 €) are in comparison to those on the private market very moderate and the flats are situated over the whole city.

Arrival Dates and Pick-up Service from the airport in January

To make your start as smooth as possible we are arranging a pick-up service from the airport during two days just before the start of the introduction week.A student has your key with him/her and will bring you to your lodging place.This service is free of charge.

· January 6-7, 2010 as the Introduction Course will start on the 8 January 2010

· December 11, 2009 is the last day to apply for this service


Information on Swedish School of Social Science:

Information on the course Foreign Reporting:

Information on applying:

Orientation Handbook:

Erasmus Student Network (trips & parties):

City of Helsinki:

Helsinki tourism:

Virtual Finland:

Discover Finland:

Visit Estonia (for the Foreign Correspondence in Practice course):

Contact and information:

If you have questions on the whole term in Finland and Norway, please, contact Malin Hauk, International Planning Officer at Swedish School of Social Science
E-mail: or

Phone: +358 9 19128406 – cialis online pharmacy

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