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We were in Copenhagen, see gejiweb.org/cop15
And in 2010 and 2011, we checked how media and politicians changed their ambitions on Climate Change from Cop15 to Cop16 and Cop17 - read more.


Special GEJI reports:

BEYOND KYOTO - 25 international students covering a scientific conference, March 2009.
PLASTIC BAGS - students around the world exploring plastic bag usage, March-June 2009.
AFTER COP15 - investigating how media and NGOs change ambitions for the UN climate conferences.


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Cop15, Cop16 – and no ambitions left

There was Hopenhagen.

And then, there was Flopenhagen.

We took a snapshot 9 months after Cop15, the United Nations huge climate change conference in Copenhagen, Denmark December 2009.

And again, we took a snapshot 14 months after Copenhagen, shortly after the much less hyped Cop16 in Cancun, Mexico.

Politicians and the media seemed to lower their ambitions after the failed ambitions at Cop15 in Copenhagen; they admitted that, when asked in the Fall of 2010.

And indeed, they did; nothing really happened at Cop16, compared to the events leading up to and during Cop15. Here is what media people answered when we asked them shortly after the Cop16; we did so in February 2011, being 14 months after Cop15 and just 2 months after Cop16.

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