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The Flood- the stories

— a comprehensive series of stories on the demonstration

People dancing in the streets at Bella Center:

Live report:

[16:24] The first demonstrators are arriving Bella Center. See the photos.

[16:17] At the Bella Center there are candles and torches for sale to bring to a candle procession.

[16:10] Police arrests 50 to 60 demonstrators at Amarbrogade. They are being held sitting on the ground, and thus up the further procession.

[15:55] Some 50 people are being searched now for more sticks and bottles by the police. Police demands everyone to sit down. Steadily people obey orders.

[15:52] Other demonstrators are waiting for the blocked group to come along, shouting “Let them go, let them go!” They are being separated by around 50 police dogs that are present at the blockade.

[15:43] 62 persons have been arrested according to Ritzau.

[15:40] When the demonstrators entered Amarbrogade some of the demonstrators from “black block” (anarchist) threw sticks and some bottles at the police, according to an eyewitness. The police decided to make a blockade to hold back around 1 000 people.

[15:35] Amarbrogade has been blocked of by a police blocade.

[15:27] Jyllands-Posten reports that people are throwing stones at the Danish Bank at Christianhavn.

[15:25] The demonstrators will arrive at Bella Center at around 5 pm.

[15:20] The climate march is now at Amargerbro gade. Yesterday protesters ran into McDonalds, so today it is closed and being heavily guarded by the police.

[15:01] The police says that 19 people have been arrested so far. “There are no problems so far. We hope it will stay this way”.

[14:35] The police are taking precaution by checking containers all around the Bella Center.

[14:18] The demonstrators are going to walk six kilometeres in cold but sunny weather.

[14:18] The march has started. Indigenous People and Greenpeace leave Christiansborg on their way to Bella Center. Indigenous People is being led by the official Bolivian delegation, according to a press release

[13:52] The organizers of the demonstration say that 100 000 are at Christansborg Slotsplads. Police downgrades this to 25.000

[13:50] The police said that 11 people have been arrested so far. They are sent to the climate jail in Valby.

[13:37] Sources in the Bella Center say that delegates will not be able to rent out the Bella Center bicycles as they will aid police in creating a barricade against potensial protesters.

[13:30] Programme for the day: Check out:

[13:26] African delegates have taken the stage at Christiansborg. Their speech is about countries that are paying their debt to fight climate change. Christiansborg is completly filled with people.

[13:08] The demonstration at Christiansborg has started.

[13:07] At the Bella Center everything is still quiet. Lots of police is present and delegates are still entering the building and leaving from the metro. The road has been blocked and a stage is built up. Pictures will follow later.

[12:56] At Christiansborg thousands of people are gathered and are creating an ‘enormous amount of noise”, our reporter tells us. ‘Banners are everywhere, it’s huge’.

[11:49] Jyllands-Posten reports that six people have been arrested in Copenhagen this morning after being searched by the police. Two of them had weapons, and one had a gram of hashish on him. The rest broke the police law in another way. They are all brought to the climate prison in Retortvej i Valby.

[10:00] The first of many demonstrations finds it’s place at Halmtorvet, where the so-called “Flood of people” gather and dance at music. The atmosphere is happy, and everyone seems excited to go. See for yourself!

Coca Cola Executives pledging to boycott Coca Cola products

Two executives from the Coca Cola Company believes that Coca Cola is stealing water from poor countries around the world.


People worldwide encouraged to fast in solidarity

The long term f asters of Climate Justice Fast will only drink water until an political agreement on climate change is reached in Copenhagen. Next Thursday they want the world to do the same.

Danish police well prepared for demonstrations

The Danish police declares to be well prepared for the 60,000 demonstrators marching on the Bella Center during the Global Day of Actionthis Saturday

Shell must change to maintain competetiveness

says Martin Lidegaard, founder of Denmark’s first green think tank, Concito.

De Boer: “Kyoto Protocol will survive”

Today the UNFCCC Executive Secretary assured people that progress is being made with negotiations, and hinted that the Kyoto Protocol is likely to be extended into a second commitment.

subhashniYouth “climate storm” the Bella CenterRainstorm, typhoon and hurricanes sounded in the Bella center today as youth from every continent clapped their hands, clicked their fingers and pounded their feet in representation of a “climate storm”.

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G77 wants $200 billion from U.S.

The ambassador to the G77 countries and China called out for the United States to pay $200 billion to “save the world”with regards to their climate change efforts.

Youth delegation leading the way

Youngsters from all over the globe have gathered in Copenhagen to share successful green projects to show world leaders that with the minimal of resources one person can make a difference.

Aviation on the EU radar

With the Kyoto Protocol due to expire in 2012 the EU is looking for more ways to lower emissions; attention is on the aviation sector.


Youth urge leaders for global action on climate change
Young leaders from around the world have pleaded for an agreement on climate change, amid concerns about the future of a global deal at COP15.

Food waste not on the COP15 menu
Food waste is a mayor problem when it comes to Co2 emission. However it’s not being discussed enough at COP15, graphic artist Selina Juul says.

Tibetan nomadic life has to be retained, organisation says

In the past decade, nomads in Tibet have been extensively resettled under the Chinese policy on Tibet for economic and social stability reasons. But now an organisation is calling for an end to this resettlement for the sake of environment.

Peddling in the right direction

From Brisbane to Copenhagen the fight against climate change has no borders. Kym Nguyen travelled for 16 months and covered 18 thousand kilometres to raise awareness for a more sustainable way of travel.

Alternative Climate Forum opens today
The opening ceremony of Klimaforum, the alternative sessions, comes a few hours after the opening of the UN climate forum. Read more.
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It's done - COP15 was from 7-18 December 2009 - and did not reach the expected results. We (the student newsroom and lab) worked from 6-15 December - and reached more than we expected.

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