Sydney tops international list of worst plastic bag offenders


Sydney supermarket shoppers are using more new plastic bags than those in other major cities, including Melbourne, London and Hong Kong, according to a survey of more than 4000 customers conducted by University of Technology journalism students in March this year writes Shushu He.

Plastic bag survey from the streets of London


What would be the best way to see if Wrap’s target is achievable?

To go out and see for yourself.

In mid-June, 18 grocery stores were visited and 866 people were observed. The total number of plastic bags given out was 1489 and the corresponding number of alternatives was 810. Taking these numbers into consideration means the ratio is nearly two new plastic bags for every other type of bag or 1.7 plastic bags per head.

About the GEJI 2009 Plastic Bag survey

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In March 2009, a GEJI plastic bag survey was conducted by journalism students at the University of Technology, Sydney, Monash University in Melbourne, City University in London and Hong Kong Baptist University. They counted and recorded the number and type of bags carried by more than 7000 consumers as they left stores.

GEJI reporters also observed the practices of checkout cashiers and whether stores were complying with their stated policies, and whether they offered reusable bags or cotton bags as an alternative to plastic bags.