Just asking makes a difference


Consumers’ plastic bag usage is largely influenced by supermarket policy, according to a survey of Coles and ALDI stores in Manly. Currently, there is no Coles policy that dictates that cashiers should ask customers if they would like a bag for three items or less. But in contrast, ALDI stores implement a 15-cent fee for each plastic bag and actively encourages customers to bring their own bags or boxes from home. Olivia Pickering and Bonnie Rando Leys report. […]

Word on the Street – Vox Pops from Sydneysiders about plastic bag usage


GEJI journalists took to the streets of Sydney to find out what they thought about plastic bag usage. […]

Australia – Australian Capital Territory

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The ACT Government hopes to reduce plastic bag usage by 80% with the introduction of a 12-month levy trial in the second half of 2009.

The trial is part of an agreement made with the Greens after their support helped return the Labor Party to power in the territory.

Although the Government had planned for the trial to begin earlier in 2009, few details have yet been revealed.


From Hamburg to Sydney: a travelogue on a theme of plastic bags

Australian travel with a difference. Explore the plastic bag issue with our two GEJI reporters from the University of Hamburg, Imke Emmerich and Laura Schneider.

Watch a video of Imke Emmerich and Laura Schneider talking about their findings in Sydney:

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On the spot: Cherrybrook

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Each week, Martelli’s Fruit Market in Cherrybrook Village in north-western Sydney goes through eight large boxes of new plastic bags, each containing thousands.

It used to offer green bags but the high cost and decreasing demand led it to shift back to plastic. The GEJI survey found 75% of its customers were using plastic.