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We were in Copenhagen, see gejiweb.org/cop15
And in 2010 and 2011, we checked how media and politicians changed their ambitions on Climate Change from Cop15 to Cop16 and Cop17 - read more.


Special GEJI reports:

BEYOND KYOTO - 25 international students covering a scientific conference, March 2009.
PLASTIC BAGS - students around the world exploring plastic bag usage, March-June 2009.
AFTER COP15 - investigating how media and NGOs change ambitions for the UN climate conferences.


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Heavy GEJI presence at Global Dialogue conference

The GEJI universities and journalism schools have a significant presence at the Global Dialogue conference, going on in Århus Denmark from 3.-6. of November 2009.

The conference is on climate change and cultural values.

The Opening Panel is moderated by Professor Hans-Henrik Holm from the Danish School of Media and Journalism, having in the panel Professor Chris Nash of Monash University, Melbourne, Australia.

Chris is moderating another panel later, and he and colleague Philip Chubb also have a presentation and paper to present.

The Geji project additionally will be doing two different presentations and papers Thursday and Friday, one on the Geji project’s experience with crossborder education, and one on the change in journalists’s role and self perception. Inger Munk, head of International Dept., and ass. professor Asbjorn Slot Jorgensen will join during these presentations, both of them from Danish School of Media and Journalism.

(Read the paper from the last presentation here: Reporters or missionaires?)

Students from the Erasmus Mundus masters program in journalism are involved in the conference as well, as speakers and as bloggers from the presentations. The Mundus masters is a joint effort between the University and the School of Media and Journalism; with several lecturers overlapping the GEJI program, and also with joint sessions.


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