Word on the Street – Vox Pops from Sydneysiders about plastic bag usage

Dalida Makil, Florist, Bondi Junction

Are humans responsible for climate change?

“In one way yes, and in another no. Bringing in new things of course will change the climate but we cant blame ourselves.

Information about climate change is found from the feeling of what we’re living. Everyone has different opinions but we can all feel it.”

Derek Wilson, 64, Builder, Bondi vistor from New Zealand

“People are much more aware of climate change due to the increase of people with skin cancer.

Australia has a battle with climate change as it’s all politics. Politics wins the day and they are not really doing a successful job [rather] everybody needs to get listened too and involved.

We’re older and we have friends who have died from skin cancer, and what is causing it is the sun.

There is much coverage of climate change in the news media but I am personally aware of it because of my age.”

Kate Denny, 38, Office Worker, Vaucluse

“I question the human influence on climate change as the atmospheric change has always existed.

There is far too much panic regarding to climate change as knowledge of climate change is only 150 years old, the earth has been here much longer.”

Sherly Sitiawan, 27, Service Manager at Coles Surry Hills

What is the situation with Coles’ plastic bag policy?

“When I was working at Broadway, every staff member that works for 4 hours of more is only given two bundles of plastic bags. Since I’ve been working at Surry Hills the customers are really rude to the staff because of the plastic bags, so we don’t make a big deal about it.”

How often do you get complains about plastic bags from the customers about plastic bags?

“Every day. We even tell them that they can buy the green bag, but they don’t want to spend their money on it.  Even though we offer them the Green Bag,they still ask for the plastic bag.”

Do you think the green bags are visible enough?

“Yes, we have them everywhere. Four boxes are sold every day, but people from certain age like the old people still want plastic bags over the Green Bags. They cost 99 cents for the plain one; the decorated ones are more expensive.”

Chris Momitsas, 48, Real Estate Agent, Sans Souci

Do you use plastic bags?

“I try not to, but sometimes it’s unavoidable.”

Do you find that you have the option of receiving one?

“Most of the time, depends on how nice the cahsier person is. But I mean, I’m from Greece and over there it’s completely different.”

Do you believe in climate change?

“Yes, of course.”

What has influenced your perspective on it?

“The increase in skin cancer. I just came back from Europe recently, and they have no sun glare. You stand here under the sun in Sydney, for more than an hour, you’ll feel it, you’ll feel burning. Where as in the Europe, you stay all day, its nothing, you just get tanned.”

Other than what you have just mentioned, do you have any other experience on climate change?

“Only what I see on the news and reading the newspaper. Every bag should cost a dollar. I mean they do it in Europe so why not here.”

Scott Whitney, 24, Owner of Frames Café, Surry Hills

What’s your view of plastic bags?

“It’s simply ridiculous. We get people in here everyday with plastic bags and places like Coles need to do something about it. There’s too many people with too little items in them. It’s just crazy. I‘m in. It’s just black or white, you get a plastic bag or you have a special bag.”

Do you use plastic bags?

“No I don’t I always have my big bag with me.”

Do you find that you have the option of receiving one?

“I never really get asked. So, no.”

Do you believe that climate change exists?

“Obviously, definitely because there’s been such dramatic change in weather from growing up till know – it’s quite noticeable.”

What has influenced your views?

“Just experience, general weather patterns and even what you see on the news. And it’s also what we’re doing you know what I mean? All the pollution and everything we’re doing to the earth.”

Have their been key factors that have influenced your views?

“Water rises and all those sorts of things you know what I mean. Spit Bridge is destined to be under water in the next 10 years you know what I mean.”

Richard Ensworth, 48, Psychologist, Coogee

Do you use plastic bags?

“Yes, sometimes.”

Do you find that you have the option of receiving one?

“I never get given the option no matter what store I visit.”


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