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Demonstrators danced in the cold

The demonstrators danced and song in the streets when they arrived Bella Center after three hours walking in the cold.


Enthusiastic people arrived at Bella Center after three hours walking. Photo: Hanne Marie Molde

By Hanne Marie Molde, [email protected]

Dance, song and enthusiasm. Despite the fact that they had walked three hours in the cold, the demonstrators in Copenhagen were still ready to fight for the climate when they came to Bella Center this evening.

“This is so great! So many people and good atmosphere. The demonstration has been really good but really long too. Now I want to sleep”, Mattieu Contemt from Belgium said.

Dressed as a polar bear he has got a lot of attention during the demonstration.

“Many people have asked questions and taken photos of me because I am dressed as a bear. The polar bear is dying because the pole and his home is melting. I demonstrated today to defend the bear and the climate, he said.


Olivier Bierin and Mattieu Contemt from Belgium were dressed up as polar bears. Photo: Hanne Marie Molde

According to the organizers 100 000 people were participating in the demonstration, which started at Christansborg Slotsplads at 1 pm today. However, the police estimated 25 000 demonstaters.

The march started quite pieceful, but when the demonstrators from the anarchist group “Black Block” entered Amarbrogade some of them threw sticks and some bottles at the police. The police decided to make a blockade and held back 1 000 people until they had caught the activists. In total around 700 people were arrested in Copenhagen today.

Look how people reacted when the police blocked the street (Photo: John Frølich)


10 000 candles and torches were handed out to people. Photo: Hanne Marie Molde

See more photos from the historical evening (all photos Hanne Marie Molde):

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