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Copenhagen Demonstrations 12.12.09

Global Day of Action

Global Day of Action - Copenhagen protests

“Sea and climate: change the course”

Katie Day

[email protected]


Skipper of the Anton and founder of The Danish Society for a Living Sea Knud Anderson, is calling for a ban on brutal fishing methods to save energy and bio-diversity of the sea.

 Docked in the Copenhagen harbour for the duration of the climate summit, the crew on board the Anton want a law that [...]

Breakfast with a stranger

What happens when you place 3000 climate activists from all over the world in private Danish homes?

Ditte Maria Bjerg and Morten Nielsen have let a stranger into their home during the climate conference in Copenhagen. Photo: Hanne Marie Molde

By Hanne Marie Molde, [email protected]

”Mom, at what time are we going to have dinner tonight?” [...]

Renewable energy industry requires a ‘dynamic market’ to grow

Wind turbines are now the primary power source in western Denmark

By Matt Whitby

Business leaders meeting in Copenhagen have called for greater market certainty in order to ensure the successful growth of the renewable energy sector.

If a successful agreement to reduce CO2 emissions is reached during COP15, transforming the world into a low carbon future [...]

Half a million signatures for climate justice

Archbishop Desmond Tutu raised his voice for the poorest people in the world as he handed over half a million signatures for climate justice to the UN.

Archbishop Desmond Tutu handed over half a million signatures to Executive Secretary of the UNFCCC Yvo de Boer at the Town Hall Square Sunday morning. Photo: Hanne [...]

Positive protests overshadows arrest

Over 100.000 people gathered in Copenhagen for the biggest environmental demonstration in history

By Sana Mazloum, Isabelle Tolhurst and Matthew Whitby

Despite the negative elements of today’s Global Day of Action protests getting particular attention by major media outlets, 100,000 still managed to gather for a cause, and protests proceeded with relative peace and success.

The opening [...]

The Flood 12.12.2009

A comprehensive report of the demonstration on December 12, 2009 by international students at Danish School of Journalism
Positive protests overshadows arrest
Hundreds arrested at climate rally
Thousands turned out and had fun in protests
Police have overreacted, organiser said
Demonstrators danced in the cold
Human flood to bring climate justice

Hundreds arrested at climate rally

Police force demonstrators back along the street and away from the group who By were detained

By Matt Whitby, Isabelle Tolhurst and Sana Mazloum

The success of the Global Day of Action protests in Copenhagen was marred today, with close to a thousand people arrested and hundreds of others detained for several hours after a police [...]

Thousands turned out and had fun in protests

By Ada Lee and Katie Day

Despite the freezing weather this morning, thousands of people marched the streets to express their hope for an instant act towards climate change.

Chanting slogans “Climate justice” and “Yes we can. Yes we must. Yes we will,” protesters marched 6km from Christianborg to the Bella Centre. Estimates of the number of [...]

Police have overreacted, organiser said

By Ada Lee and Katie Day

Responding to the hundreds of arrests in the protest today, the organisers said the police overreacted and acted “out of proportion”.

“It is understandable that the police have to take actions, but arresting hundreds of people is way too many,” Knud Vilby, spokesperson for today’s protest, said.

He blamed the new law [...]

Live Report [11.12.2009]

By international students at Danish School of Journalism
Edited by Sana Mazloum

Caught in the act, protester vandalising.

(14:36) Police confirms 64 arrests, and counting. The protest has seemed to have seized, the activists have been split up in several groups [...]

Demonstrators danced in the cold

The demonstrators danced and song in the streets when they arrived Bella Center after three hours walking in the cold.

Enthusiastic people arrived at Bella Center after three hours walking. Photo: Hanne Marie Molde

By Hanne Marie Molde, [email protected]

Dance, song and enthusiasm. Despite the fact that they had walked three hours in the cold, the [...]

Human flood to bring climate justice

Right now demonstrants in blue raincoats are flooding through the streets of Copenhagen. They demand climate justice.

By Hanne Marie Molde

Alex Weisshappel and Emel Bahner have come from Germany to participate in the demonstrations in the streets of Copenhagen today. Photo: Hanne Marie Molde

Crowds of people dressed in blue rain coats were gathered at [...]

Hungry for action

By Isabelle Tolhurst

[email protected]

Sitting in the aisles of a large boat stationed at Larsens Plads in downtown Copenhagen felt strangely like visiting patrons of a hospital ward.

The three fasters sat wrapt to the neck in thick jackets and scarves, blankets cast over their knees, pledging to fast until binding agreements come to fruition.

Fleeting fats

The two young [...]

Failed demonstrators vowed to be back

Katie Day and Ada Lee


Anti-capitalist group Not Your Business failed to infiltrate corporations today at an organised demonstration against the corporate world.

Starting at Nytorv and concluding in a blockade on the city bridge, activists were “disappointed not to have broken into corporate headquarters” but “will try again.”

Protestors say corporations are the culprit of climate [...]

Police could and did not fail

Police control Photo: Anneke van de Vusse

Failure was not an option for Danish police today when they were put to the test by anti-capitalist protests intending to vandalise businesses in Copenhagen

Article and photo by Anneke van de Vusse, [email protected]

A Helicopter, trained dogs, cars, wagons and hundreds of police were employed today to keep [...]

Fear of the ‘radical left’ and new police laws deter climate demonstrators

Tougher laws by Danish police and fear of the ‘radical left’ are motivating people to stay away from demonstrating for a cause they genuinely believe in.

Article and photo by Anneke van de Vusse

Event organises and Danish police are estimating a turnout of 60, 000 people to a huge climate rally in the city of [...]

“It’s an issue of human rights”

While world leaders flip-flop around negotiations of climate change, the insufferable effects are already hitting some parts of the world. Real people are being forced from their homes, and a group of Climate Refugee activists were here today to say they are not going to move quietly.

By Shannon Swainston
[email protected]

The panel today at the Klimaforum [...]

Youth voice out in their summit

by Karen Shiu
[email protected]

While everybody is still waiting for a meaningful deal to be announced in Bella Center next week, a deal was sealed today at a local science exhibition center also in Copenhagen by some Danish secondary school students.

One hundred and fifty local 6th to 8th grade Danish students had a bottom-up youth climate summit [...]

UN climate hero walked to Cop15

While most of the participants of Cop15 emmitted carbon by travelling by plane to Copenhagen, Roz Savage chose to arrive in the most environmental friendly way. She walked for two weeks from Big Ben to Brussels together with four friends.

Soundslide by Hanne Marie Molde, [email protected], with pictures from Roz Savage.

Read more about the walk here.

Hear [...]

People worldwide encouraged to fast in solidarity

The long term fasters of Climate Justice Fast will not eat anything before an political agreement on climate change is reached in Copenhagen. Next Thursday they want the world to do the same.

By Hanne Marie Molde, [email protected]

”We are inviting people to join us and fast December 17th. We would like a Global day of Prayer, [...]

Reactions to protests!

11.35am – Call to Climate Justice Action

Climate Justice Action’s (CJA) international spokespoerson Ed Thompson said that CJA has no involvement in todays protest.
‘We vaguely support the mobilisation but it is mainly ‘don’t buy the lie’ facilitating the protest,’ he continued.
Saturday 12th, the other major planned day of climate change protest is ‘a’ day of action [...]

Electric cars a way for the future

Slick technological electric cars on show in downtown Copenhagen Photo: Sana Mazloum

Downtown Copenhagen has been transformed into a racetrack for some of the world’s most advanced carbon neutral electric cars.

As the world turns to more environmentally friendly means of transport, these luxurious carbon neutral vehicles are an example of the automobile future.

At the live [...]

Activists to attack Danish assoc. of Industry and others

Activists are gathered at Nytorv, spreading maps to members telling them to attack the following companies:

1: Confederation of Danish Industry HC Andersen Boulevarde 18

 2: Hopenhagen

3: Bright green Xpo Forum Rosenorns Alle

4: Danish Energy Association

5: Mcdonalds

6: Dan forestry

7: Plastic and packaging in the streets of Denmark

8: Dansk Byggeri

Activists plan to attack corporations

December 10, 2009

By Katie Day and Ada Lee
[email protected]
[email protected]

Breaking into corporations, smashing computers, graffiti and causing trouble are all part of activist group Not Your Business plan to wreak havoc on Business Day at the COP15.

In a cold and dark warehouse, activists today (Thursday) discussed their plan to leave behind a trail of destruction aimed at [...]

Tibetan nomadic life has to be retained, organisation says

By Ada Lee
[email protected]

In the past decade, nomads in Tibet have been extensively resettled under the Chinese policy on Tibet for economic and social stability reasons. But now an organisation is calling for an end to this resettlement for the sake of environment.

Tibet Third Pole, an organisation formed to bring Tibetan’s voice in the UN climate, [...]

Peddling in the right direction

By Sana Mazloum    
[email protected]

From Brisbane to Copenhagen the fight against climate change has no borders. Kym Nguyen travelled for 16 months and covered 18 thousand kilometres to raise awareness for a more sustainable way of travel.

Kym Nguyen is the project manager for Ride the Planet where he is organising various projects to deliver to [...]

Youth urge leaders for global action on climate change

Mr Mohamed Aslan signs a youth declaration on climate change watched on by a panel of young leaders from around the world

By Matt Whitby

[email protected]

Young leaders from around the world have pleaded for an agreement on climate change, amid concerns about the future of a global deal at COP15.

While the worlds largest emitters of CO2 [...]

Young NGO volunteer living a double life

Helena Wright, 24, working for an NGO at the Bella centre

Helena works at COP15 in the day and studies for her exams during the night.

Article and photo by Anneke van de Vusse

Helena Wright, 24, is fighting hard to support a cause she believes in, despite having four final exams next week for her master’s [...]

Danish Police well prepared for demonstrations

By Jenny Jägerhorn

[email protected]

This Saturday, 60 000 demonstrators will walk to Bella Center from Christiansborg in order to pledge for a fair climate deal. The Danish police do not want to announce the number of policemen involved but inform us that they are well prepared.

‘We have had good dialoge with many of the activist groups and [...]

Shell must change to maintain competitiveness

By Isabelle Tolhurst

[email protected]

Amidst the most important dialogue about climate legislation since Kyoto in 1997, the consequences for multinational giant Shell remain unknown.

Martin Lidegaard, founder of Denmark’s first green think tank, Concito, works with a range of different companies, enterprises and individuals, trying to minimize greenhouse gas emissions and reduce the harmful effects of global warming.

Concito’s mission [...]

De Boer: “Kyoto Protocol will survive”

By Shannon Swainston
[email protected]

Today the UNFCCC Executive Secretary assured people that progress is being made with negotiations, and hinted that the Kyoto Protocol is likely to be extended into a second commitment.

Yvo de Boer (left), with his Communications Advisor Eric Hall, said that "now we are getting down to work"

He reasons that the Kyoto Protocol [...]

Youth “climate storm” the Bella Center

a youth organizer speaking at the rally

Article, pictures and soundslide by Anneke van de Vusse
[email protected]

Standing up for vulnerable countries, youth declare “We will not die quietly.”
Rainstorm, typhoon and hurricanes sounded in the Bella center today as youth from every continent clapped their hands, clicked their fingers and pounded their feet in representation of a [...]

G77 want $200 billion from US

By Shannon Swainston
[email protected]

The ambassador to the G77 countries and China called out for the United States to pay $200 billion to “save the world” with regards to their climate change efforts.

Lumumba Stanislaus Dia Ping, ambassador to G77 countries and China, fielded questions from journalists over his demands of the US

At a press conference today, [...]

Youth delegation leading the way

By Katie Day

[email protected]

Young people from all over the globe have gathered in Copenhagen to share successful green projects to show world leaders that with the minimal of resources one person can make a difference.

 Two young girls from the Girl Guide Association presented their green projects at the Klimaforum this evening.

 Girl Guide Prisca Randriamampihavana from Madagascar [...]

Politicians urged to push for more energy efficient buildings

Panelists (from left to right): Jens Laustsen, Kim Carstensen and Eelco van Heel discuss energy efficiency with the audience

By Matt Whitby

[email protected]

World leaders attending COP15 have been strongly encouraged to adopt tough regulation on the energy efficiency of buildings, as a cost effective measure of reducing carbon emissions.

A panel of experts hosted by Climate Consortium [...]

Protest against Obama’s Nobel Prize

Young demonstrators carrying torches

By Jenny Jägerhorn
[email protected]

A torchlight demonstration against Barack Obama being awarded the Nobel Peace Prize tomorrow was held this afternoon at the US Embassy in Copenhagen. The demonstration was organized by a number of Danish grassroot organisations.

Around 30 policemen were waiting outside the US Embassy on the opposite side of the street [...]

Food waste not on the COP 15 menu

By Matt Whitby

[email protected]

The founder of a group dedicated to raising awareness about food waste in Denmark is disappointed the topic is not on the agenda for politicians during COP15.

Selina Juul is a graphic artist who founded Stop Spild Af Mad (Stop wasting food), a Danish non-profit organisation aimed at informing people about the problems of [...]

Greenpeace won’t rock the boat in Copenhagen.

Greenpeace's boat the Arctic Sunrise will be anchored at Nyhavn Port in Copenhagen.

By Isabelle Tolhurst

In past years, Greenpeace boats Rainbow Warrior, Arctic Sunrise and the Beluga have been used to support daring and outlandish activity in the hope of preventing environmental destruction and promote awareness.

They have sided up to huge whaling ships, scaled [...]

Climate Change Skeptics let off steam in Copenhagen

By Isabelle Tolhurst

Australian climate change sceptic Ian Plimer speaks at the Challenge

[email protected]

In a small room in downtown Copenhagen, the alternate face of the conference gathers, and almost every seat is filled. This is the time for the climate skeptics. On Tuesday 8th and Wednesday 9th the Copenhagen Climate Challenge hosts a range of scientists, [...]

Financial conflict impedes dialogue at COP15

By Sana Mazloum

Greenpeace and global anti-poverty group Action Aid have expressed concern with negotiations at COP15 so far, in the belief that developing countries are more concerned with statistics, money and where to lay the blame rather than sign a deal.

The summary of the negotiations so far surround issues such as financing the debt, the [...]

Long lines at the Bella Center

Delegates queue in the cold for hours outside the Bella Center

By Matt Whitby

[email protected]

On the second official day of COP15, crowds of people waiting for accreditation to the conference for forced to queue for hours to get inside the Bella Center.

The queue’s were smaller than yesterday, when hundreds of journalists waited for over three hours [...]

“We hope our call is answered”

Despite the fact Kiribati is being swallowed by rising sea levels, the citizens are persistent in demanding action and adamant their fate will not end as climate refugees.

By Shannon Swainston
[email protected]

Four speakers from the Pacific island nation of Kiribati held an event today to share their stories and show their determination about countering climate change.

“The reason [...]

Greenpeace won’t rock the boat in Copenhagen.

By Isabelle Tolhurst

[email protected]

In past years, Greenpeace boats Rainbow Warrior, Arctic Sunrise and the Beluga have been used to support daring and outlandish activity in the hope of preventing environmental destruction and promote awareness.

They have sided up to huge whaling ships, scaled the legs of oil rigs and cut through sheets of thick ice in the [...]

Danish Football Team unaware of UNEP Plan

Katie Day

[email protected]

The Danish National Football team have not been approached to support a plan by UNEP to offset player emissions to the 2010 World Cup.

Press Officer for the Danish National Football Team, Lars Berendt refrained from commenting on if the host nation of the climate conference would take part in the UNEP plan until [...]

Growing optimism in Russian environmental groups

One month ago Russian NGOs saw no hope in the authorities commitments to emission cuts. New signals have changed their views.

Russian NGOs were moderatly optimistic towards the Russian climate policy yesterday.

By Hanne Marie Molde

”Russia is taking a positive step. It shows that they care about a global commitment”, co-chairman of Ecodefense [...]

Bolivia urges the rich to pay their debt

At a press conference today, the Delegation of Bolivia made clear that they do not want to pay the price for the mess the developed countries have made, and are gunning for an inclusive agreement to be reached at COP15.

By Shannon Swainston
[email protected]

Pablo Solon and Angelica Navarro, both from the Delegation of Bolivia, are serious [...]

Hydropower in Honduras needs support, mayor says

By Ada Lee
[email protected]

As one of the worst-hit countries by climate change, some cities in Honduras are actively looking into possibilities of generating electricity by water, but legal and money matters complicate the issue.

Antonio Henriquez, mayor of Tamala, a city on the West part of Honduras, said they were encountering many problems in developing hydropower in [...]

Red Lights On When Delegates are Upset

close up of one of the badges

Article by Karen Shiu, photo by Anneke van de Vusse
[email protected]

Three thousand blinking badges are being delivered to delegates from Tuesday onwards outside the Bella Center which they can turn on during the conference when they are unhappy with the negotiation.

“We hope to pressure on the head of the [...]

Free public transport for delegates

The Cop15 Shuttle Bus, Free for delegates

Article and photo by Anneke van de Vusse

[email protected]

Free transport passes are available to all participants of the UN climate change conference.
The ticket provides free rides on buses, trains and metro in and around the greater Copenhagen area for 24 hours a day for the 2 week duration [...]

Police scares activists with early morning weapon search

Some of the tools that were confiscated by the Copenhagen Police (Picture by Ada Lee)

Copenhagen Police forces confiscated a number of tools from a Climate Justice Action (CJA) building in a weapon razzia Wednesday morning. CJA says they were shocked by not being informed in advance.

According to a CJA spokesperson Tannie Nyboe some 200 unhelmed [...]

Africans furious about leaked documents

African delegates protest at Bella Center

The African civil society reacted furiously to leaked documents saying that the developed countries will get more power and the Kyoto protocol should be abandoned.

By Hanne Marie Molde

Pan-Africa Climate Justice Allianc stopped everyone and attracted huge media attention at the Bella Center today as they marched into the main [...]

Cop15 venue shaken by African demonstrations

The African civil society reacted furiously to leaked documents saying that the developed countries will get more power and the Kyoto protocol should be abandon.

Video: Aleksander Tushkin

By Hanne Marie Molde

Pan-Africa Climate Justice Allianc stopped everyone and attrached huge media attention at the Bella Center today as they marched into the main hall screaming:”Two degrees: suicide. [...]

Concert fails, optimism soars

The "Flopenhagen" concert Monday – low on audience, high on attention

By Isabelle Tolhurst (text) and Anneke van de Vusse (photo)

Despite depleted ticket sales and African singer Akon cancelling at the last minute, the Dance for Climate Change concert held at Denmark’s football stadium Parken was not without its successes, says its supporters.

The concert was [...]

US scientist slams poor journalism for misleading public over climate change

By Matt Whitby
[email protected]

A leading American scientist has pointed the finger at bad ‘sound bite journalism’ for causing public confusion and misrepresentation of scientific evidence about climate change.

Speaking during COP15 at an event hosted by climate communication group Global Observatory, Dr Stephen Schneider says journalists trying to apply political reporting techniques to environmental stories are warping [...]

Skeptics: Carbon dioxide not culprit of climate change

By Karen Shiu
[email protected]

Some scientists say that COP15′s main target of cutting down carbon dioxide is on the wrong track, as nature itself – and not the manmade greenhouse gases – cause climate change.

Outside the official conference in the Bella Center, a group of climate skeptics discussed the solution to the surge of greenhouse gases, [...]

Public have a say on climate solutions

By Ada Lee
[email protected]

In the basketball courts in DGI-byen, where the alternative forum takes place, there are no basketballs or players. Instead there are booths, tables and memos filling the space.

The Meshwork thinks everyone holds a puzzle piece to climate solutions

The Meshwork is organised by the 2020 Climate Leadership Campaign, and is one of the [...]

Peaceful Demonstrations Expected

By Katie Day
[email protected]

Copenhagen Police are not expecting any violence at Saturday’s demonstration, in which up to 60,000 people are likely to attend, despite one organisation calling on “friends of civil disobedience” to make a stand.

Anti-capitalist group Never Trust A Cop (NTAC) who believe on their website that the true purpose of COP15 is to restore [...]

Climate skeptics let off steam in Copenhagen

By Isabelle Tolhurst
[email protected]

By Isabelle Tolhurst
In a small room in downtown Copenhagen, the alternate face of the conference gathers, and almost every seat is filled. This is the time for the climate skeptics. On Tuesday 8th and Wednesday 9th the Copenhagen Climate Challenge hosts a range of scientists, geologists, [...]

Police expect arrests at harbour blocking Sunday

By Sjoerd Klumpenaar
[email protected]

The Copenhagen Police predict there will be arrests if the NGO collective Climate Justice Action fulfill its plans to block the Copenhagen Nordhavn port.

Police Spokesman Flemming Steen Munch said that if traffic will be troubled by the rally, the police would “sail in as vikings.” He confirmed that police will be patrolling undercover [...]

Green way to green conference

British environmentalist bikes and sails to Copenhagen

By Ada Lee
[email protected]

From the UK to Denmark on a plane takes no more than a couple of hours. But Chris Keene, an ambitious green campaigner, decides to do it in a different way.

Chris Keene bikes and sails for four months to Copenhagen from the UK.

Mr Keene came from [...]

“The Rich should pay their debt”

Drought, heavy rains and failing crops. This is reality for Ester Mendai from Zambia, who is in Denmark to pledge to the rich industrial countries to pay their share.

By Jenny Jägerhorn
[email protected]

Ester Mendai wants industrialized countries to 'pay their climate debt'

Ester Mendai, 21, from Zambia is at the city hall square in Copenhagen to voice [...]

Waste-pickers want to save the planet

By Shannon Swainston
[email protected]

There are over 15 million waste-pickers worldwide. Waste-pickers make their living from collecting rubbish and taking it to recycling plants. For many, it is not only a job, but a livelihood too.

Baby Mohite speaks passionately about waste-picking, which she has been doing for 20 years

Today members from Waste-picker [...]

COP15 Side Events in Tune with Talks

By Isabelle Tolhurst
[email protected]

Music and the arts have historically been a powerful driving force for action and movement of people. Climate change is no exception.

A woman wept as she begged for people to push their politicians to action. A man desperately sought the cure for the apathy of the people.

But at the presentation of his documentary [...]

Klimaforum starts with sound of the ice

by Ada Lee
[email protected]

The alternative climate forum, Klimaforum, kicks off with Danish percussionst Lisbeth Diers and her orchestra playing music on instruments made of ice.

Lisbeth Diers plays on instruments made of ice in the opening ceremony

The ceremony started at 6pm. After some board members of the forum gave their speech, Diers performed her percussion on [...]

Danish band Nephew opens Hopenhagen Live

At Copenhagen’s City Hall Square, the Danish band Nephew has opened the 2-week Hopenhagen Live event on Monday night. Earlier on Monday UN officials started their Seal the Deal campaign.

By Sjoerd Klumpenaar
[email protected]

Nephew singer Simon Kvamm calling on the crowd to stand against climate change

After the big globe on the City Hall square [...]

All industrialized countries won the first Fossil of the Day

The world’s richest countries had the ”honor” of winning the first Fossil award during Cop15 for low ambition on carbon cuts.

Visualise the invisible

(Soundslide and pictures by Anneke van de Vusse)

By Katie Day

Floating in St Jørgens Lake in Copenhagen, the CO2 Cube is a sculpture of light and sound, mirrored in the calm waters, displaying pictures of the Earth’s stunning landscape.

Constructed of 12 shipping containers stacked in an interlocking pattern on a custom made barge, joggers [...]

1 day down, 11 to go

By Shannon Swainston and Hanne Marie Molde
[email protected], [email protected]

The 2009 Cop15 summit at Copenhagen this December is about to close its doors on the first day, which has been reasonably calm as far as international climate forums go.

There were over 5000 applications for media accreditation for the COP15 summit – 1,500 more than the actual limit. [...]

Aviation on the EU radar

By Sana Mazloum
[email protected]

With the Kyoto Protocol due to expire in 2012 the EU is trying to continue to look for more ways to lower emissions. They have now turned their attention to the aviation sector.

The European Union Council has drawn up legislation to include aviation in the EU greenhouse gas emission allowance trading system (ETS). [...]

Fear of climate change makes Danes revisit nuclear power

By Sana Mazloum
[email protected]

Fear of climate change is so strong in the host country of the UN climate summit that it apparently has the potential to reverse one of the most remarkable achievements of the green movement in Denmark.

In the 1980s the Organisation for Information on Nuclear Power managed to scupper advanced plans for nuclear power [...]

Denmark shows a way towards sustainable growth

Wind farms as the Middelgrund in Copenhagen harbour have not just contributed to lower emissions from a growing economy. The renewable energy sector itself has also contributed to the growth

Denmark is ready to show the rest of the world how to increase energy efficiency

By Matthew Keith Whitby
[email protected]

A major challenge for Denmark as [...]

R.I.P Consumerism, says Christiania

Article, photo and soundslide by Anneke van de Vusse
[email protected]

A toy car was buried in the ground as part of an alternative climate change conference in Copenhagen’s hippy town Christiania.

‘Consumerism and the American dream’ was buried during a funeral ceremony in Christiana. Christiania is a self governing, alternative community of hippies, artists, street people and [...]

Demand for a legally binding agreement still strong

Civil society groups at a side event today seem unfazed by the doubts of a legally binding agreement being reached at Cop15.

By Shannon Swainston
[email protected]

The Danish Prime Minister allowed civil society groups to voice their recommendations about Cop15

The panel consisted of eight speakers, including the moderator and Mr Rasmussen.

Among the speakers were Kumi Naidoo;  [...]

“The hopes for my generation rest on Copenhagen”

With a tearful voice Leah Wickham (24) from Fiji told the heads of Cop15 to stop talking and start saving the future for new generations.


By Isabelle Tolhurst
[email protected]

In the midst of COP15, the host city aims for sustainability across the board. Carbon neutral taxis are one initiative, bying emission credits.

CO2 Neutral taxis are an inaugural initiative in Copenhagen, with the first fleet released in August consisting of a modest one hundred cars, now expanding to something far bigger.

But the term [...]

No big protests but fun outside Bella Centre

By Ada Lee and Jenny Jagerhorn
[email protected], [email protected]

On the first day of the UN Climate Forum, there is not a big protest. Instead, there is singing and fun outside the conference hall – and a long queue.

The Bella Centre was overcrowded this morning, and as a result NGO registration did not start until noon. A big [...]

“Let’s get it done now”

By Hanne Marie Molde

[email protected]

“Let’s mark this meeting in history, and let’s open the door to low-carbon age”, said COP15 president Connie Hedegaard in her speech at the opening session at Bella Center today.

The journalists were all trying to get a comment from the newly elected Cop15 president [...]

Alternative Climate Forum opens today

by Ada Lee
[email protected]

Klimaforum, the alternative climate forum parallel to the official UN climate forum, will hold its opening ceremony this evening.

The opening ceremony will start at 6pm. Environmentalist and writer Naomi Klein and Chairman of Friends of the Earth Nnimmo Bassey will attend the ceremony.  An orchestra will also perform its music on instruments made [...]

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