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Human flood to bring climate justice

Right now demonstrants in blue raincoats are flooding through the streets of Copenhagen. They demand climate justice.

By Hanne Marie Molde

Activists in blue rain coats will walk as a flood through the streets of Copenhagen today.

Alex Weisshappel and Emel Bahner have come from Germany to participate in the demonstrations in the streets of Copenhagen today. Photo: Hanne Marie Molde

Crowds of people dressed in blue rain coats were gathered at Halmtorvet at 10 am as the first demonstration this Saturday started. The next two hours the bluedressed people will flood through the streets of Copenhagen ending up at Christansborg Slotsplads at 12. “Friends of the Earth International” have organized the “Flood of climate change” to demand climate justice.

Listen to the demonstraters shouting.

Came to stand up for the climate
Alex Weisshappel and Emel Bahner are two of many who have travelled to Copenhagen just to take part in the demonstrations this Saturday.

“We came here to speak out against climate change and against the tactics of the goverment. They focus too much on other things that are much less important in our eyes,” Weisshappel said.

They came by the night train from Stuttgart two hours ago, and they both represent the green party “Die Grüne” in Germany.

“People protest for a lot of things, but I think this is the most dramatic issue that we will face in our lifetime, and it will get much more dramatic if we don’t stand up against it now,” Weisshappel said.

Important day

Sangita Pausevang and Barbara Müllejans from Attac Germany have also come to stand up for climate justice.

“We came this morning and will go back in the evening. This is an important day. We have to do something with the climate change right now!”, they demand.


Sangita Pausevang and Barbara Müllejans from Attac Germany are demonstrating for climate justice. Photo: Hanne Marie Molde

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