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Police have overreacted, organiser said

By Ada Lee and Katie Day

Responding to the hundreds of arrests in the protest today, the organisers said the police overreacted and acted “out of proportion”.

“It is understandable that the police have to take actions, but arresting hundreds of people is way too many,” Knud Vilby, spokesperson for today’s protest, said.

He blamed the new law in Denmark, which allows the police to arrest people whom they suspect will cause trouble without evidence that they have actually broken the law.

The Danish police can detain suspects up to 12 hours and protesters can be jailed for 40 days if they “hinder the police” under the new law.

It is perceived that the new law was passed especially to prepare for protests during the Cop 15 period.

Vilby said most of the arrested protesters were not a part of their demonstration.

“Some people want to go somewhere else after the opening at Christianborg. They have got other motives and mission and wanted to go else where,”he said.

Spokesperson for the police at 9.30pm said that 700 people had been arrested though was reluctant to comment on the reasons for the arrests.

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It's done - COP15 was from 7-18 December 2009 - and did not reach the expected results. We (the student newsroom and lab) worked from 6-15 December - and reached more than we expected.

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