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Young NGO volunteer living a double life

Helena Wright, 24, working for an NGO at the Bella centre

Helena works at COP15 in the day and studies for her exams during the night.

Article and photo by Anneke van de Vusse

Helena Wright, 24, is fighting hard to support a cause she believes in, despite having four final exams next week for her master’s [...]

Waste-pickers want to save the planet

By Shannon Swainston
[email protected]

There are over 15 million waste-pickers worldwide. Waste-pickers make their living from collecting rubbish and taking it to recycling plants. For many, it is not only a job, but a livelihood too.

Baby Mohite speaks passionately about waste-picking, which she has been doing for 20 years

Today members from Waste-picker [...]

All industrialized countries won the first Fossil of the Day

The world’s richest countries had the ”honor” of winning the first Fossil award during Cop15 for low ambition on carbon cuts.


It's done - COP15 was from 7-18 December 2009 - and did not reach the expected results. We (the student newsroom and lab) worked from 6-15 December - and reached more than we expected.

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