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Youth urge leaders for global action on climate change

Mr Mohamed Aslan signs a youth declaration on climate change watched on by a panel of young leaders from around the world

By Matt Whitby

[email protected]

Young leaders from around the world have pleaded for an agreement on climate change, amid concerns about the future of a global deal at COP15.

While the worlds largest emitters of CO2 [...]

Youth “climate storm” the Bella Center

a youth organizer speaking at the rally

Article, pictures and soundslide by Anneke van de Vusse
[email protected]

Standing up for vulnerable countries, youth declare “We will not die quietly.”
Rainstorm, typhoon and hurricanes sounded in the Bella center today as youth from every continent clapped their hands, clicked their fingers and pounded their feet in representation of a [...]


It's done - COP15 was from 7-18 December 2009 - and did not reach the expected results. We (the student newsroom and lab) worked from 6-15 December - and reached more than we expected.

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