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Live Report [11.12.2009]

By international students at Danish School of Journalism
Edited by Sana Mazloum

Caught in the act, protester vandelising. Photo: Anneke van de Vusse

Caught in the act, protester vandalising.

(14:36) Police confirms 64 arrests, and counting. The protest has seemed to have seized, the activists have been split up in several groups and therefore the police can’t say their current whereabouts.

(13:29 – 14:35) No recent updates due to website shutdown. In the meanwhile our reporters were trapped on a bridge between activists, being surrounded by police.

(13:28) The police have asked for a spokesperson from the demonstrators. They want to know what the protestors want. There are protestors on the other side and they are about a hundred outside the police and they are being guarded but not as heavily.

(13:16) The police is forming a circle and closing in on the protestors that are now stuck on the bridge. No-one is being let out.

(13:12) Update from the Copenhagen Police Press Office, there are 52 people detained. There is no confirmation of any violence against the police.

(13:05) The riot police have blocked the demonstrators from both sides.

(13:00) The protestors are now on the bridge in Copenhagen, they are chanting slogans on the bridge, “Our climate not your business,” and “No justice no peace, F*$k the police!”

(12:45) A protestor was wrestled to the ground and has now been put in a police car. The protestors are disputing the detainment screaming “what have they done?” They are questioning police.

(12:34) The protest have left the Forum centre they are heading towards Danasvej and now they are heading down the road of Codroffsvej.Protestors are running down the street. There are police cars with police dogs in them. Both police and protestors are running down the street.

(12:09) There is a lot of pushing from the police to try and keep the group contained. A car has come out of the building but due to the block it could not get through.

One protestor then stuck their hand car and pressed the horn of the car. The car is now gone.

The protestors have spray painted on the zebra crossing, “Our climate not your business”

One of our correspondants in the field, Anneke Van De Vusse, spoke to a police officer who was guarding the Bright Forum Centre. He told her to speak to the press officer because they couldn’t comment but he did say they have everything under control. The police officer also advised that the protestors won’t get into any buildings.

There have been 40 people detained so far for civil disturbance and for saturday’s protests and those throughout the duration of the conference police will “not be very visable in the general picture. We will try to focus main forces so that everything runs as smoothly as possible,” says Press officer from the Copenhagen Police Press Office. As for the amount of police and resources to be effected tomorrow no exact figure could be disclosed but the press officer ensured a “considerable amount” would be present.

(12:01) One protestor lit a red bull can that had chemicals that released grey smoke which attracted alot of attention another protestor lit another that let out yellow smoke while continously chanting and hitting drums.

(11:51) More news has come through that police presence has increased and they have come out with several vans.

(11:50) It is alledged that the protestors are expecting to come together again. All the small groups will reconvene at the Bright green Xpo Forum.

We have just recieved information that the demonstartors are heading to the Bright Green Xpo Forum. There is a big meeting there for COP 15 where all the industries will be.

(11.41) The protests groups are breaking into smaller groups to target many different areas.

Our Correspondant are heading along Vester Farimagsgade and the protestors are coming down the road.

The protestors are at the Ferris Wheel. Everyone is running and there are protestors on either side of the barracades. They have split into two groups. Riot police have arrived and have blocked the roads again.

(11:18) HC Anderson is the main road of Copenhagen and the demonstrators have blocked it. The protestors are chanting, Our climate! Not your Business!

(11:12) The police have broke down the barracade and let the demonstators through peacefully. The protestors are walking across HC Anderson. Police are heavily guarding the building.

(11:01) The protestors are heading back to the starting point because police have blocked the streets.

(10:53) The Demonstations are moving down Vestergarde the police have blocked the roads and they are not letting the demonstrators through

(10:39) The first group that has broken away from the main protest is headed towards their first target. The confederation of Danish Industry is surrounded by the police and the National guard (Army reserves)

(10:29 am) The protests have begun! The noise team (green band) is now beginning to play the drums creating a loud and busy atmosphere.

(10:11) Our reporters get hand on a handout map supplied by the activists. The following list is being targeted:

1: Confederation of Danish Industry HC Andersen Boulevarde 18

2: Hopenhagen

3: Bright green Xpo Forum Rosenorns Alle

4: Danish Energy Association

5: Mcdonalds

6: Dan forestry

7: Plastic and packaging in the streets of Denmark

8: Dansk Byggeri

9: Deloitte

10: Arcelor Mittal

11: Mandag Morgen

12: Repsol

13: Shell

14: Maersk

15: IETA

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It's done - COP15 was from 7-18 December 2009 - and did not reach the expected results. We (the student newsroom and lab) worked from 6-15 December - and reached more than we expected.

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