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    Cleaner technology a new victim of the financial crisis

    Professor Frede Hvelplund, Aalborg University

    The search for cleaner technology is in limbo as failing markets and oil dependency have businesses scrambling

    Competing financial and environmental interests threaten the pursuit of green technology, said Aalborg University Professor Frede Hvelplund at the ‘Beyond Kyoto’ conference on Friday.

    With government and business shifting their focus […]

    Drive green

    Electricity-powered Smart car. Source: flickr

    Alternative fuel cars have been presented at the ‘Beyond Kyoto’ conference on Friday as a key way to significantly reduce CO2 emissions.

    All day a seemingly endless line of cars cut through the misty grey of the early Danish spring and […]

    Recommendations at closing session Beyond Kyoto

    Introducing the seven recommendations at the Beyond Kyoto closing ceremony.

    Money and private investments; this is what the climate summit in Copenhagen in December needs more than anything, if the world’s leaders want it to succeed. This was the clear message from the more than 1.000 experts and other participants assembled at the Beyond […]

    Voices: Participants practice what they preach

    The media has a responsibility to inform the public about climate change. And right now, the media are not doing enough.

    People at the Beyond Kyoto conference are not only talking about global CO2 emissions. Some also practice what they preach on a personal level. Simple things the average person can do to reduce […]

    The 7 Statements

    Here are the final recommendations from the Beyond Kyoto conference:

    Climate Policy: All sectors of society must be involved in future climate solutions Biodiversity and Ecosystems: Biodiversity must be an integrated part of the general mitigation and adaptation effort Agriculture and Climate Change: We must increase agricultural productivity to use less water and land Nanotechnology […]

    Developing countries can kill two birds with one stone

    Many developing countries have already been taking action to reduce their greenhouse gas emissions. These efforts have not been driven by climate policy but by the need for development, poverty alleviation and energy security.

    The attempts to link efforts for development and the fight against climate change could signal a new type […]

    Emissions trading in the EU an awkward dilemma

    The EU Emissions Trading Scheme (EU ETS) may have encouraged EU member states to comply with the Kyoto Protocol and contributed to growth of the global CO2 trade market, but there is still plenty of room for improvement.

    According to Deputy General Director of Dansk Energi, Lars Aagaard, the cost of CO2 emissions […]

    Once again, the rich spoke about the absent poor

    Speakers and participants at the Beyond Kyoto Conference agree that the climate challenges are global and are likely to hit the developing world harder than anyone else. They also agree that the issue needs to be addressed and discussed internationally, across borders, religions and economies. But a short look at the list of speakers reveals […]

    Reporting on the rapporteurs

    Observers flock to Beyond Kyoto to make December in Copenhagen a success

    A Danish green think tank overseeing discussions at the Beyond Kyoto climate conference will make recommendations to politicians during the lead up to the COP15 conference.

    “One of the issues we will address in our recommendations so far will be the need to […]

    European countries need to share renewable energy

    Europe will need to lay more cables to share its renewable energy sources, if it is to meet its targets in the fight against climate change.

    ” We can’t just make our own grid plan and hope our neighbours will cover where we can’t,” said the head of research and development at, Kim Behnke, […]

    Activists plan demonstration against carbon trading

    While science meets politics at the Beyond Kyoto conference in Århus, environmental activists plan to demonstrate against one of the key points of discussion: Carbon trading.

    Eleven days after the Beyond Kyoto conference, a Danish network of climate activists, ClimaX, will demonstrate against carbon trading in Copenhagen.

    The event will take place on March […]

    The South still struggles to make its voice heard

    The participation of citizens in the climate change debate is essential. But in the Southern hemisphere, reality on the ground is often very different from what is discussed in conferences organized in the North.

    In Porto Alegre, Southern Brazil, the public participation to the climate change debate takes a very different form than in the […]

    Ulla Tørnæs: Make space for both development and climate action

    Tørnæs giving a speech earlier today at the conference.

    The need for drastic action on global warming must not prevent poor countries from developing, says the Danish minister of development, Ulla Tørnæs

    The connection between climate aid and development aid to the developing world is unavoidable; one cannot be addressed without the other. […]

    Svend Auken: Obama won’t be ready for a deal in Copenhagen

    "Wee need to start getting realistic about what we can achieve in Copenhagen," said Svend Auken, former Danish Environment Minister at the Beyond Kyoto Conference in Århus.

    A former Danish environment minister doubts that the international climate summit in Copenhagen in December will result in a successor to the Kyoto Protocol and proposes […]

    Danish MP calls carbon trading ‘medieval’

    Industrialized nations making up for their environmental shortcomings by investing in clean practices in developing nations is comparable to the medieval Catholic practice of paying for your sins, Denmark’s former Environment and Energy Minister, Svend Auken said.

    The comment came before his opening presentation as a keynote speaker at the Beyond Kyoto Conference being held […]

    Small businesses growing green

    One Ton Less campaign’s aim is to open possibilities of reducing carbon dioxide (CO2) emissions

    Malene Kauffmann Hansen from Danish Energy Agency explains: “The benefit for the businesses is that by participating in the campaign they can show responsibility in relation to the climate issue”. If people reduce their emissions of CO2, it will […]

    Baltic Sea Countries Cooperate for Climate Change

    Renewable energy and low carbon technologies bring together Northern European nations

    Ministers of Nordic and Baltic countries, Poland, Russia, Germany and the European Commission attended a conference in Copenhagen on the 18 of February 2009 for the Baltic Sea Region Energy Cooperation.

    According to a press release from the Ministry of Climate and […]

    Danish hosts of climate summit falling behind

    When Denmark hosts the United Nations Climate Change Conference (COP15) this December, it may well be with poor results to show for themselves.

    Denmark is one of three of the EU-15 (the 15 countries which were members of the EU in 1997) which will not be able to live up to its Kyoto-obligations in the […]

    A brief intro – climate policy and financing

    Society will need to implement a number of dramatic changes in order to meet the challenge of climate change – this theme will look at the various ways in which these challenges will be met, both financially and politically.

    The role of a carbon market will be explored as a way of reducing emissions using […]

    The “Daily News – Beyond Kyoto” team

    Name – University – Country

    Alex (Alexander) Skorochid – – Ryerson (CA) – – Canada Andrew King – – Concordia (ca) University – – Canada Anne Shifley – – Missouri – – USA Anne-Meike van den Berg – – Utrecht – – Netherlands Fiona Collienne – – IHECS, Bruxelles – – Belgium Gemma Black – […]

    It’s all about people

    Yes, you may think we write about a conference, and about the frightening effects of climate changes.

    But journalism is about people.

    So what we actually do – is writing about people!