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    Corn-based biofuel, fluke or future?

    Former advisor to British Prime Minister Tony Blair highly critical of U.S. recovery of energy and investment in food production.

    In 2008, an increase in production costs of grains and rice, coupled with American policies on foreign trade agreements triggered a hike in food prices.

    Before the food crisis, 1.3 billion are estimated to have […]

    Recommendations at closing session Beyond Kyoto

    Introducing the seven recommendations at the Beyond Kyoto closing ceremony.

    Money and private investments; this is what the climate summit in Copenhagen in December needs more than anything, if the world’s leaders want it to succeed. This was the clear message from the more than 1.000 experts and other participants assembled at the Beyond […]

    The 7 Statements

    Here are the final recommendations from the Beyond Kyoto conference:

    Climate Policy: All sectors of society must be involved in future climate solutions Biodiversity and Ecosystems: Biodiversity must be an integrated part of the general mitigation and adaptation effort Agriculture and Climate Change: We must increase agricultural productivity to use less water and land Nanotechnology […]

    India weathers hard times

    India needs adequate climate change policies to face the environmental challenges ahead

    Villagers wade through flood waters in Madhepura District in India's Bihar state, where about two million people are displaced or stranded after the Kosi river burst its banks, breached safety embankments and submerged roads leading to the region. (Photo: […]

    Aarhus refuses to wait and heat

    The municipality of Aarhus, the host-city of the “Beyond Kyoto” conference, is impatient when it comes to fighting global warming. From 2015 Danish legislation will demand that buildings consume only half of the energy that they do today. But Aarhus doesn’t want to wait that long and is likely to implement the new […]

    Funding Environmental Education Abroad

    Denmark funds the institution of climate change awareness abroad through a proto-type gaming system for grade school youth

    The Ministry of Climate and Energy in Copenhagen is helping Indian youth learn about climate change through the ‘Copenhagen Challenge’, an innovative new computer game for PCs and mobile phones.

    On 6 February 2009, Students at the […]

    It pays to be socially responsible

    Modern companies can no longer get away with ignoring their production’s impact on the environment or the conditions of the workers who are involved in the process. Caring for the world through Corporate Social Responsibility has therefore become imperative and widespread. From January 1 it is mandatory for the 1100 biggest companies of Denmark to […]

    A brief intro – bioenergy solutions

    Bioenergy is renewable energy made available from materials derived from biological sources. It is often used synonymously with biofuel, which is fuel derived from biological sources. In a broad sense, this includes biomass, the material from which fuel can be extracted, derived from recently living organisms. This biological material from which biofuel and […]

    The “Daily News – Beyond Kyoto” team

    Name – University – Country

    Alex (Alexander) Skorochid – – Ryerson (CA) – – Canada Andrew King – – Concordia (ca) University – – Canada Anne Shifley – – Missouri – – USA Anne-Meike van den Berg – – Utrecht – – Netherlands Fiona Collienne – – IHECS, Bruxelles – – Belgium Gemma Black – […]

    It’s all about people

    Yes, you may think we write about a conference, and about the frightening effects of climate changes.

    But journalism is about people.

    So what we actually do – is writing about people!