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Opinion: If political promises were energy, there would be no need for oil

The CO2-neutral innovation race is on. In the private sector, that is. Whether it is pure PR or do-good spirit that drives it, CO2 neutral initiatives are all over in the business world. Costumers and their consciences love it, and everything points to companies going green or going under in the future because in business [...]

Nanotechnology for lunch

The fourth session of the nanotechnological theme has just ended, and I want to do some short interviews with the speakers on hydrogen as a future energy carrier. However, after attempts to ask them if they have a minute for a few comments, they ask me to join them for lunch instead. It wasn’t exactly [...]

Once again, the rich spoke about the absent poor

Speakers and participants at the Beyond Kyoto Conference agree that the climate challenges are global and are likely to hit the developing world harder than anyone else. They also agree that the issue needs to be addressed and discussed internationally, across borders, religions and economies. But a short look at the list of speakers reveals only a [...]

Don’t do this at home

See the smoke, drink the CO2 – but don’t experiment too much at home. Chemistry students from Aarhus University demonstrate some of their funnier lab techniques – mainly to attract attention to the real CO2 problem. Chemistry students discover that showing works better than explaining when it comes to getting the public’s attention on science and climate change. “We [...]

Voices: “It is good to have environmental conferences”

Morten Pedersen, bike taxi driver from Jet Cab (DK): “I always think it’s good to have environmental conferences. But I think it will be a problem to get people to spend money on the environment [in this time of global financial crisis] because people are trying to save money for other things. It’s easier to [...]

House of the future makes its debut in Århus

Minutes away from the Beyond Kyoto conference, an energy efficient and carbon-neutral home receives visitors. Denmark’s very own energy-producing house saw its first visitors today, as sister companies VELAC and VELUX gave officials from the U.S. embassy a sneak peek at their ‘Home for Life’ project. The house in Aarhus’ suburb Lystrup, will be energy [...]

Host City Aims to be CO2-neutral in 2030

Right next to the Beyond Kyoto conference, where delegates from all over the world discuss the future of the earth, the host city Aarhus exhibits ambitions of its own. By 2030, Aarhus has plans to be CO2-neutral. The city council will implement initiatives, such as plans for low-energy buildings, the new TRAM-system and internal energy [...]

Aarhus refuses to wait and heat

The municipality of Aarhus, the host-city of the “Beyond Kyoto” conference, is impatient when it comes to fighting global warming. From 2015 Danish legislation will demand that buildings consume only half of the energy that they do today.  But Aarhus doesn’t want to wait that long and is likely to implement the new procedures this [...]

Green Network: “We want universities to take the lead”

Students at Aarhus University – the organizer of the Beyond Kyoto climate conference - are keen for the institution to take a stand on environmental issues. This has led to the Green AU, a student and staff-led green network that aims to create a more sustainable University. Andreas Hansen, spokesperson for Green AU believes that the [...]

Bike Taxi – CO2 neutral transport

See the video! Bikes at Beyond Kyoto By Monta Neinberga and Anne-Meike van den Berg

Climate-friendly island sets the tone for Beyond Kyoto

A lake peppered with offshore oil platforms might seem like the least likely location for a carbon neutral resort. But oddly enough this is the master plan from BIG – Bjarke Ingels Group, one of Denmark’s most innovative architectural firms. The Zira Island project, a carbon-neutral resort and residential development is set to be constructed [...]

Last minute preparations

See the video !

Ice skating rinks pollute Climate Conference host cities

In a Scandinavian climate growing still warmer as a result of the global heating, cooling down ice skating rinks takes up a lot of electricity. Regardless, there is a rink situated in front of the Musikhuset, where an international climate change conference is currently happening. When scientists, politicians, NGO’s and more gather in Århus to [...]

Lots of photos from the conference

Closing session: Exhibition: Friday morning – slideshow from the conference: Thursday overall pictures: Slideshow from opening session:

The news room at work

The “Daily News – Beyond Kyoto” team

Name – University – Country Alex (Alexander) Skorochid      – –      Ryerson (CA)      – –      Canada Andrew King      – –      Concordia (ca) University      – –      Canada Anne Shifley      – –      Missouri       – –      USA Anne-Meike van den Berg      – –      Utrecht   [...]

It’s all about people

Yes, you may think we write about a conference, and about the frightening effects of climate changes. But journalism is about people. So what we actually do – is writing about people!