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    Biodiversity is already suffering from climate change

    Action is needed immediately if we are to fight the loss of biodiversity caused by global warming, according to two scientists.

    The scientists attending the Beyond Kyoto conference are stressing that we need to attend to the loss of biodiversity immediately. They say we are already seeing the dramatic results that environmental problems such as […]

    The 7 Statements

    Here are the final recommendations from the Beyond Kyoto conference:

    Climate Policy: All sectors of society must be involved in future climate solutions Biodiversity and Ecosystems: Biodiversity must be an integrated part of the general mitigation and adaptation effort Agriculture and Climate Change: We must increase agricultural productivity to use less water and land Nanotechnology […]

    Fleeing butterflies signal bigger changes

    Butterflies fleeing the heat might be one of the first indications of environmental developments that would later affect larger species and humans.

    Scientists are keen to focus their research on butterflies because they respond so quickly to changes in their environment. The way butterflies react to climate changes reveals how other species might eventually […]

    India weathers hard times

    India needs adequate climate change policies to face the environmental challenges ahead

    Villagers wade through flood waters in Madhepura District in India's Bihar state, where about two million people are displaced or stranded after the Kosi river burst its banks, breached safety embankments and submerged roads leading to the region. (Photo: […]

    Forests, not technology, are the best carbon absorbers

    Climate change must begin in the forests rather than from investing billions in storing CO2 in the underground, says several scientists attending the Beyond Kyoto climate conference

    While many scientists focus on radical technological solutions to climate change, such as storing CO2 in the ocean floor, one expert wants attention put back on a natural […]

    Focus on those who can survive

    Efforts must reflect the need to conserve adaptable creatures, and not species that can’t survive the changes anyway. Discussion on climate changes’ impact on biodiversity revealed controversial recommendations.

    Studies on climate change have been around for years, many emphasizing the link between climate change and biological diversity. At the Beyond Kyoto climate conference in […]

    Temperature rise has consequences for Greenlanders

    Even the smallest change in temperatures can impact the food web of the Arctic Ocean. This can stretch its way up the entire food chain.

    “Just a tiny change in temperatures can impact the fishing industry of Greenland tremendously,” said professor Torkel Gissel Nielsen from the National Environmental Research Institute at Aarhus University.

    Fishing and […]

    NASA’s CO2 satellite crashes

    The satellite fell into the ocean three minutes after take-off

    There was disappointment at NASA on Tuesday after a satellite meant to study carbon dioxide in the atmosphere failed to reach orbit. The Orbiting Carbon Observatory or OCO was launched yesterday morning at the Vandenberg Air Force Base in California. Around 1:58am Pacific Time, the […]

    Fires Push CO2 Levels Beyond Kyoto Limits

    Australian scientist wants UN climate conference in Denmark to address threat of forest fires

    Bushfires that devastated areas of Australia’s Victoria state released millions of tonnes of carbon dioxide, exceeding emission limits set by the Kyoto Protocol. The Australian government told the United Nations last year that wildfires in 2003 released 190 million tonnes of […]

    Tiger attacks prompt warning against deforestation

    Conservationists link six fatal tiger attacks in the last month to the clearing of Sumatra’s forests

    The World Wildlife Federation cautioned Indonesia to end illegal deforestation in Sumatra after tigers killed three illegal loggers within the last two weeks in central Sumatra. These latest tiger attacks make a total of six fatalities in less than […]

    A brief intro – biodiversity + ecosystems

    Biodiversity refers to the variety of species found on the planet, important in order to support each other. For example, there is a lot of talk about the disappearance of honeybees because we need them to pollinate flowers for us in order to create crops. The conference aims to explore what trends in […]

    The “Daily News – Beyond Kyoto” team

    Name – University – Country

    Alex (Alexander) Skorochid – – Ryerson (CA) – – Canada Andrew King – – Concordia (ca) University – – Canada Anne Shifley – – Missouri – – USA Anne-Meike van den Berg – – Utrecht – – Netherlands Fiona Collienne – – IHECS, Bruxelles – – Belgium Gemma Black – […]

    It’s all about people

    Yes, you may think we write about a conference, and about the frightening effects of climate changes.

    But journalism is about people.

    So what we actually do – is writing about people!