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    Brazil offers the world a solution for biofuels

    Stephen P. Long before his speech on efficient crops for biofuels.

    The crops currently used for green fuels in Europe are inefficient and contributes to global warming. In Brazil you can fill your car with environmentally friendly ethanol for half the prize of gasoline.

    Maize is bad, so is […]

    Cows in a cage: the solution to climate change.

    Deforestation and burning in the Amazon. Source: Leo Freitas

    In the future, green consumers might be faced with a difficult choice: Do they want to buy meat from grazing, grass-fed, cows who emit 50% more greenhouse gasses than their locked-up counterparts? Or do they want to prioritize the fight against climate change by […]

    Environment issues need public participation

    Protesters at the Climate Change Camp 2007 at Heathrow Airport in London. Source: Flickr

    Everyday people need to be more active in the environmental debate and decision making; this is Aarhus Convention Secretary Jeremy Wates’ message.

    The United Nations’ Aarhus Convention presents how the participating countries would like the environmental case to be […]

    Women fight climate change in Africa

    Among experts there is no doubt, that in the future there will be a lack of water in Africa due to the climate change. Women play a big role in the farming world of Africa. And they are the ones who can save Africa from the worst effects of climate change.

    The climate change has […]

    Jørgen E. Olesen: Fighting global warming demands a change in our snack habits.

    Our dependance on fastfood contributes massively to global warming. So much so that according to Professor Jørgen E Olesen, professor at Århus University and one of Denmarks leading authority’s on agriculture and global warming, we should eat vegetarian Big Macs to reduce CO2 emissions.

    Jørgen Olesen’s wish for our future eating habits can […]

    “Why are the mountains crying?”

    Under 100 years from now Latin America is going to experience significant climate changes. Already now the changes are visible, as glaciers are melting

    “Why are the mountains crying?’ This was the question that met Dorte Verner, a senior economist in the World Bank, when she visited communities in the Andes mountains in Latin America.


    New farming methods pollute less and produce more

    New movement in agriculture can save farmers from poverty and reduce global warming.

    ”Developing countries are the culprit and the solution to global warming”, said Shivaji Pandey, crop expert and member of UN’s agricultural organisation FAO‘s panel of experts, at the “Beyond Kyoto ” conference on Thursday.

    New tools for better […]

    Going ‘green’ may bring gold

    Making a business out of organic produce is becoming more profitable in Denmark

    The economic crisis was realized globally by October 2008, but even after that time organic sales in Denmark continued to rise, according to the Danish Organic Trade Association. Further reports show sales for Danish organic products rose between 20 and 30 percent […]

    A brief intro – agriculture

    The theme will discuss the consequences of climatic change for agriculture industries and forestry. Agriculture and global warming have an almost symbiotic relationships as agriculture is both a potential victim and a major contributor to climate change. The negative consequnces include shifts in temperature, precipitation and glacial run-off. At the same time, agriculture releases greenhouse […]