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    Inuit people hit hard by climate change

    As global warming thins the arctic ice, moving with sled dogs is becoming increasingly dangerous for the Inuit people. Source: Flickr

    Unstable ice, difficulties in hunting seals, migration of fish, thawing permafrost… These are some of the problems encountered by the Arctic indigenous people. As they live in a very extreme region, adaptation […]

    Arctic habitat being destroyed while it disappears

    Walruses gather at waning ice. Source: US National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration

    The habitat of polar bears and other arctic wildlife is already disappearing due to climate change. The remaining habitat could soon be actively destroyed by arctic oil drilling, said Jesper Madsen of the National Environment Research Institute at Aarhus University on […]

    Temperature rise has consequences for Greenlanders

    Even the smallest change in temperatures can impact the food web of the Arctic Ocean. This can stretch its way up the entire food chain.

    “Just a tiny change in temperatures can impact the fishing industry of Greenland tremendously,” said professor Torkel Gissel Nielsen from the National Environmental Research Institute at Aarhus University.

    Fishing and […]

    A blanket for Greenland glaciers

    A giant blanket that will cover a total surface of 10,000 square meters is the newest weapon in the fight against melting glaciers in Greenland.

    Researchers from Ohio State University in the United States will place the blanket over a glacier 90km east of the town of Kangerlussuaq on the west coast of Greenland.


    International Polar Year ends

    Research shows “unprecedented rate of sea-ice drift”

    Observation of the polar regions came to a close last week for the 2007-2008 International Polar Year. The World Meteorological Organization in Geneva issued an introductory report, “The State of Polar Research”, confirming a considerable decline of snow and ice in both Polar Regions. “We have enough to […]