Biodiversity is already suffering from climate change

Action is needed immediately if we are to fight the loss of biodiversity caused by global warming, according to two scientists.
The scientists attending the Beyond Kyoto conference are stressing that we need to attend to the loss of biodiversity immediately. They say we are already seeing the dramatic results that environmental problems such as pollution, deforestation and increasing [...]

Focus on those who can survive

Efforts must reflect the need to conserve adaptable creatures, and not species that can’t survive the changes anyway. Discussion on climate changes’ impact on biodiversity revealed controversial recommendations.

Studies on climate change have been around for years, many emphasizing the link between climate change and biological diversity. At the Beyond Kyoto climate conference in Århus, [...]

Temperature rise has consequences for Greenlanders

Even the smallest change in temperatures can impact the food web of the Arctic Ocean. This can stretch its way up the  entire food chain.
“Just a tiny change in temperatures can impact the fishing industry of Greenland tremendously,” said professor Torkel Gissel Nielsen from the National Environmental Research Institute at Aarhus University.
Fishing and hunting is [...]

A brief intro - biodiversity + ecosystems

Biodiversity refers to the variety of species found on the planet, important in order to support each other. For example, there is a lot of talk about the disappearance of honeybees because we need them to pollinate flowers for us in order to create crops. The conference aims to explore what trends in climate change [...]