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    International Polar Year ends

    Research shows “unprecedented rate of sea-ice drift”

    Observation of the polar regions came to a close last week for the 2007-2008 International Polar Year. The World Meteorological Organization in Geneva issued an introductory report, “The State of Polar Research”, confirming a considerable decline of snow and ice in both Polar Regions. “We have enough to […]

    Fast Facts: The melting ice caps

    The Arctic ice cap and the Greenland ice sheet is rapidly melting, exceeding many scientists’ worst expectations and causing global sea levels to rise. But exactly how fast is it going?

    – From 1979 to 2007, the sea ice in the Arctic has melted about 10 % per decade, reaching the lowest extent each September.


    A brief intro – arctics

    This theme will look at the consequences of climatic changes in a particular geographical region: the Arctic. In this region of extremes, dramatic changes are already visible. Many scientists have recently warned that the Arctic sea-ice is melting far faster than predicted, with an acceleration defying any scientist’s model.

    The sessions will explore the faraway, […]