Opinion: If political promises were energy, there would be no need for oil

The CO2-neutral innovation race is on. In the private sector, that is. Whether it is pure PR or do-good spirit that drives it, CO2 neutral initiatives are all over in the business world.
Costumers and their consciences love it, and everything points to companies going green or going under in the future because in business it [...]

Environment issues need public participation

Everyday people need to be more active in the environmental debate and decision making; this is Aarhus Convention Secretary Jeremy Wates’ message.
The United Nations’ Aarhus Convention presents how the participating countries would like the environmental case to be shaped. The convention calls for citizens to play a bigger role in the environmental debate.
More debate leads [...]

More entertainment could mean less CO2

Providing specific data and facts about climate change may not be enough to change people’s habits. Unfortunately, many people concerned about climate issues discuss it in a way that ordinary people simply cannot understand. Having entertainment programmes address green issues could make people sit up and listen.

Just as in advertising, the best way to [...]

Voices: “It’s great talking to people from other countries, different mentalities.”

Henrik Skov, Journalist for Aarhus University:“We have journalists from nearly all over the world, it’s quite nice really.”
“It’s great talking to people from other countries, different mentalities. In Denmark we have a bit of a reserved mentality compared to the Americans. Last night I was having a glass of wine and eating at town hall, [...]

Climate reporting has more scary scenarios than solutions

Media’s obsession with conflict and crisis takes the attention away from stories about solutions to climate change.
Media need spectacular events to take an interest in a scientific topic. Journalists like reporting negative happenings and showing negative sides of environment subject as well.
This is why climate change stories are currently so popular in the press. [...]

Exaggerated media focus on CO2

Christian Poll from the Danish Society for Nature Preservation thinks journalists focus too much on CO2 in the public environmental debate. According to him, the CO2-focus draws away the attention from other important environmental matters.
During the international climate conference Beyond Kyoto – addressing the challenges of climate change the global the CO2 emission will be [...]

Danish enviro-bubble set to burst, say experts

Environmental conferences have some interesting side-effects on climate reporting in the Danish Media

In anticipation of the Beyond Kyoto Conference and the COP 15 Climate Change Conference in Copenhagen in nine months time,  Danish media coverage of climate issues has increased dramatically.
With the increase of coverage happening so quickly experts and journalists have raised concerns about [...]

The news room at work

It’s all about people

Yes, you may think we write about a conference, and about the frightening effects of climate changes.
But journalism is about people.
So what we actually do - is writing about people!