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    Nanotechnology for lunch

    The fourth session of the nanotechnological theme has just ended, and I want to do some short interviews with the speakers on hydrogen as a future energy carrier. However, after attempts to ask them if they have a minute for a few comments, they ask me to join them for lunch instead.

    It wasn’t exactly […]

    Voices: “Nanotechnology is a new territory we can explore”

    Jonas Kofoed Nielsen, Student and Journalist

    Jonas Kofoed Nielsen is a student at the Danish School of Journalism. He covered the Beyond Kyoto conference for the scientific website

    “I think a conference like this is important because you have all the big scientists from all over the world together.”

    Jonas focused on […]

    Climate reporting has more scary scenarios than solutions

    United Nations Development Programme ~Human Development Report 2007

    Media’s obsession with conflict and crisis takes the attention away from stories about solutions to climate change.

    Media need spectacular events to take an interest in a scientific topic. Journalists like reporting negative happenings and showing negative sides of environment subject as […]

    Exaggerated media focus on CO2

    Christian Poll from the Danish Society for Nature Preservation thinks journalists focus too much on CO2 in the public environmental debate. According to him, the CO2-focus draws away the attention from other important environmental matters.

    During the international climate conference Beyond Kyoto – addressing the challenges of climate change the global the CO2 emission will […]

    Danish enviro-bubble set to burst, say experts

    Environmental conferences have some interesting side-effects on climate reporting in the Danish Media In anticipation of the Beyond Kyoto Conference and the COP 15 Climate Change Conference in Copenhagen in nine months time, Danish media coverage of climate issues has increased dramatically.

    With the increase of coverage happening so quickly experts and journalists have raised […]

    The news room at work

    It’s all about people

    Yes, you may think we write about a conference, and about the frightening effects of climate changes.

    But journalism is about people.

    So what we actually do – is writing about people!