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    Opinion: If political promises were energy, there would be no need for oil

    The CO2-neutral innovation race is on. In the private sector, that is. Whether it is pure PR or do-good spirit that drives it, CO2 neutral initiatives are all over in the business world. Costumers and their consciences love it, and everything points to companies going green or going under in the future because in business […]

    Reporting on the rapporteurs

    Observers flock to Beyond Kyoto to make December in Copenhagen a success

    A Danish green think tank overseeing discussions at the Beyond Kyoto climate conference will make recommendations to politicians during the lead up to the COP15 conference.

    “One of the issues we will address in our recommendations so far will be the need to […]

    Aarhus refuses to wait and heat

    The municipality of Aarhus, the host-city of the “Beyond Kyoto” conference, is impatient when it comes to fighting global warming. From 2015 Danish legislation will demand that buildings consume only half of the energy that they do today. But Aarhus doesn’t want to wait that long and is likely to implement the new […]

    A brief intro – climate policy and financing

    Society will need to implement a number of dramatic changes in order to meet the challenge of climate change – this theme will look at the various ways in which these challenges will be met, both financially and politically.

    The role of a carbon market will be explored as a way of reducing emissions using […]