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    Voices: “Little things become big things”

    Pec and Susanne Møller

    Pec and Susanne Møller

    Pec and Susanne Møller from Odense, Denmark are on a short vacation in Aarhus.

    Pec Møller:  “I didn’t know that there was a climate conference”.

    “I think in maybe a year, the financial crisis will be over, but the climate is still going to be bad. So I think it is necessary to talk about it”.

    Susanne Møller: “We have two teenage boys and they always take very long showers. So I tell them that they have to do it in five minutes to try to save energy. And we turn of the computer and all the lights”.

    “I think it is important that people do these little things for a better environment. Little things will become big things in the end”.

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