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    Cleaner technology a new victim of the financial crisis

    Professor Frede Hvelplund, Aalborg University

    The search for cleaner technology is in limbo as failing markets and oil dependency have businesses scrambling

    Competing financial and environmental interests threaten the pursuit of green technology, said Aalborg University Professor Frede Hvelplund at the ‘Beyond Kyoto’ conference on Friday.

    With government and business shifting their focus […]

    Emissions trading in the EU an awkward dilemma

    The EU Emissions Trading Scheme (EU ETS) may have encouraged EU member states to comply with the Kyoto Protocol and contributed to growth of the global CO2 trade market, but there is still plenty of room for improvement.

    According to Deputy General Director of Dansk Energi, Lars Aagaard, the cost of CO2 emissions […]

    Activists plan demonstration against carbon trading

    While science meets politics at the Beyond Kyoto conference in Århus, environmental activists plan to demonstrate against one of the key points of discussion: Carbon trading.

    Eleven days after the Beyond Kyoto conference, a Danish network of climate activists, ClimaX, will demonstrate against carbon trading in Copenhagen.

    The event will take place on March […]

    Danish MP calls carbon trading ‘medieval’

    Industrialized nations making up for their environmental shortcomings by investing in clean practices in developing nations is comparable to the medieval Catholic practice of paying for your sins, Denmark’s former Environment and Energy Minister, Svend Auken said.

    The comment came before his opening presentation as a keynote speaker at the Beyond Kyoto Conference being held […]