A brief intro - climate policy and financing

Society will need to implement a number of dramatic changes in order to meet the challenge of climate change – this theme will look at the various ways in which these challenges will be met, both financially and politically.
The role of a carbon market will be explored as a way of reducing emissions using market [...]

A brief intro - nanotech

Nanotechnology solutions for a sustainable future

How can the study of atoms, too small for the naked eye to see, bring about changing the earth’s climate? Researchers from around the world will present their work to show how nanotechnology can play a role in the development of future energy supplies.
Right now, the major challenge being [...]

A brief intro - bioenergy solutions

Bioenergy is renewable energy made available from materials derived from biological sources. It is often used synonymously with biofuel, which is fuel derived from biological sources. In a broad sense, this includes biomass, the material from which fuel can be extracted, derived from recently living organisms. This biological material from which biofuel and thus bioenergy [...]

A brief intro - biodiversity + ecosystems

Biodiversity refers to the variety of species found on the planet, important in order to support each other. For example, there is a lot of talk about the disappearance of honeybees because we need them to pollinate flowers for us in order to create crops. The conference aims to explore what trends in climate change [...]

A brief intro - arctics

This theme will look at the consequences of climatic changes in a particular geographical region: the Arctic. In this region of extremes, dramatic changes are already visible. Many scientists have recently warned that the Arctic sea-ice is melting far faster than predicted, with an acceleration defying any scientist’s model.
The sessions will explore the faraway, but [...]

A brief intro - agriculture

The theme will discuss the consequences of climatic change for agriculture industries and forestry. Agriculture and global warming have an almost symbiotic relationships as agriculture is both a potential victim and a major contributor to climate change. The negative consequnces include shifts in temperature, precipitation and glacial run-off. At the same time, agriculture releases greenhouse [...]

A brief intro - citizens & society

Humans are one of the biggest contributors to the multitude of climate issues that plague our society today. Humans are also the catalysts of change needed to combat these diffcult times.
The theme of Citizens and Society is a crucial area of debate and discussion; the effects of climate change have begun to affect our everyday [...]

The “Daily News - Beyond Kyoto” team

Name - University - Country
Alex (Alexander) Skorochid      - -      Ryerson (CA)      - -      Canada
Andrew King      - -      Concordia (ca) University      - -      Canada
Anne Shifley      - -      Missouri       - -      USA
Anne-Meike van den Berg      - -      Utrecht      - -     [...]