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    Cows in a cage: the solution to climate change.

    Deforestation and burning in the Amazon. Source: Leo Freitas

    In the future, green consumers might be faced with a difficult choice: Do they want to buy meat from grazing, grass-fed, cows who emit 50% more greenhouse gasses than their locked-up counterparts? Or do they want to prioritize the fight against climate change by […]

    Voices: “It is good to have environmental conferences”

    Morten Pedersen, bike taxi driver from Jet Cab (DK)

    Morten Pedersen, bike taxi driver from Jet Cab (DK): “I always think it’s good to have environmental conferences. But I think it will be a problem to get people to spend money on the environment [in this time of global financial crisis] because people are […]

    Voices: “One of the functions of the conference is to generate ideas”

    Andrew Long, Florida Coastal School of Law (USA)

    Andrew Long, Florida Coastal School of Law (USA): “Beyond Kyoto conference can contribute on thinking about these issues that have to be addressed by the parties at the UN COP15″ climate summit in Copenhagen.

    “I think it’s very important [to have a conference like this during […]

    Green Network: “We want universities to take the lead”

    Students at Aarhus University – the organizer of the Beyond Kyoto climate conference – are keen for the institution to take a stand on environmental issues. This has led to the Green AU, a student and staff-led green network that aims to create a more sustainable University.

    Andreas Hansen, spokesperson for Green AU believes that […]

    Climate-friendly island sets the tone for Beyond Kyoto

    A lake peppered with offshore oil platforms might seem like the least likely location for a carbon neutral resort.

    But oddly enough this is the master plan from BIG – Bjarke Ingels Group, one of Denmark’s most innovative architectural firms.

    The Zira Island project, a carbon-neutral resort and residential development is set to be […]

    Ice skating rinks pollute Climate Conference host cities

    In a Scandinavian climate growing still warmer as a result of the global heating, cooling down ice skating rinks takes up a lot of electricity. Regardless, there is a rink situated in front of the Musikhuset, where an international climate change conference is currently happening.

    When scientists, politicians, NGO’s and more gather in Århus to […]

    A brief intro – citizens & society

    Humans are one of the biggest contributors to the multitude of climate issues that plague our society today. Humans are also the catalysts of change needed to combat these diffcult times.

    The theme of Citizens and Society is a crucial area of debate and discussion; the effects of climate change have begun to affect our […]