Recommendations at closing session Beyond Kyoto

Money and private investments; this is what the climate summit in Copenhagen in December needs more than anything, if the world’s leaders want it to succeed. This was the clear message from the more than 1.000 experts and other participants assembled at the Beyond Kyoto conference, when it closed late Friday after two days of [...]

Reporting on the rapporteurs

Observers flock to Beyond Kyoto to make December in Copenhagen a success
A Danish green think tank overseeing discussions at the Beyond Kyoto climate conference will make recommendations to politicians during the lead up to the COP15 conference.
“One of the issues we will address in our recommendations so far will be the need to focus on getting the private [...]

Activists plan demonstration against carbon trading

While science meets politics at the Beyond Kyoto conference in Århus, environmental activists plan to demonstrate against one of the key points of discussion: Carbon trading.

Eleven days after the Beyond Kyoto conference, a Danish network of climate activists, ClimaX, will demonstrate against carbon trading in Copenhagen.
The event will take place on March 17, when the [...]

Voices: “The danger is of course these events get to be too self-congratulatory”

Svend Auken, Social Democrat and former Environment Minister (DK): “You do have here in Århus a rather very interesting group of scientists, of industrialists, of journalists, of a few politicians and so forth, and you get the best science, you get the best political advice, you get a mobilizing effect. And it is part of [...]

Svend Auken: Obama won’t be ready for a deal in Copenhagen

A former Danish environment minister doubts that the international climate summit in Copenhagen in December will result in a successor to the Kyoto Protocol and proposes additional talks.
The new Obama administration in the USA needs more time to “get their act together”, says Svend Auken, who is presently a Danish MP. He therefore proposes another [...]

Baltic Sea Countries Cooperate for Climate Change

Renewable energy and low carbon technologies bring together Northern European nations
Ministers of Nordic and Baltic countries, Poland, Russia, Germany and the European Commission attended a conference in Copenhagen on the 18 of February 2009 for the Baltic Sea Region Energy Cooperation.
According to a press release from the Ministry of Climate and Energy, it was agreed [...]

Funding Environmental Education Abroad

Denmark funds the institution of climate change awareness abroad through a proto-type gaming system for grade school youth
The Ministry of Climate and Energy in Copenhagen is helping Indian youth learn about climate change through the ‘Copenhagen Challenge’, an innovative new computer game for PCs and mobile phones.
On 6 February 2009, Students at the Montfort Secondary [...]

Danish hosts of climate summit falling behind

When Denmark hosts the United Nations Climate Change Conference (COP15) this December, it may well be with poor results to show for themselves.
Denmark is one of three of the EU-15 (the 15 countries which were members of the EU in 1997) which will not be able to live up to its Kyoto-obligations in the period [...]

Exaggerated media focus on CO2

Christian Poll from the Danish Society for Nature Preservation thinks journalists focus too much on CO2 in the public environmental debate. According to him, the CO2-focus draws away the attention from other important environmental matters.
During the international climate conference Beyond Kyoto – addressing the challenges of climate change the global the CO2 emission will be [...]