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    Climate reporting has more scary scenarios than solutions

    United Nations Development Programme ~Human Development Report 2007

    Media’s obsession with conflict and crisis takes the attention away from stories about solutions to climate change.

    Media need spectacular events to take an interest in a scientific topic. Journalists like reporting negative happenings and showing negative sides of environment subject as […]

    Voices: “The danger is of course these events get to be too self-congratulatory”

    Svend Auken, Social Democrat and former Environment Minister (DK)

    Svend Auken, Social Democrat and former Environment Minister (DK): “You do have here in Århus a rather very interesting group of scientists, of industrialists, of journalists, of a few politicians and so forth, and you get the best science, you get […]

    Jørgen E. Olesen: Fighting global warming demands a change in our snack habits.

    Our dependance on fastfood contributes massively to global warming. So much so that according to Professor Jørgen E Olesen, professor at Århus University and one of Denmarks leading authority’s on agriculture and global warming, we should eat vegetarian Big Macs to reduce CO2 emissions.

    Jørgen Olesen’s wish for our future eating habits can […]

    Wallace S. Broecker: Veteran of the climate debate wants to bury CO2 at the bottom of the ocean

    An alternative to emitting CO2 into the atmosphere could be storing it in the ocean bed. This drastic intervention was promoted at the opening of the Beyond Kyoto conference by one of the veterans of the debate on climate change, Wallace S. Broecker of Columbia University.

    Wallace S. Broecker addresses the audience at the […]

    Ulla Tørnæs: Make space for both development and climate action

    Tørnæs giving a speech earlier today at the conference.

    The need for drastic action on global warming must not prevent poor countries from developing, says the Danish minister of development, Ulla Tørnæs

    The connection between climate aid and development aid to the developing world is unavoidable; one cannot be addressed without the other. […]

    Gro Harlem Brundtland: Strong message from the Godmother of environmentalism

    The Beyond Kyoto kicked off with a strong message from the Godmother of global environmental consciousness, Gro Harlem Brundtland. 22 years after her Brundtland Commission and its report “Our Common Future” brought environmental issues on the international agenda, global warming has proven to be an even bigger challenge to our future than the alarming environmental […]

    Svend Auken: Obama won’t be ready for a deal in Copenhagen

    "Wee need to start getting realistic about what we can achieve in Copenhagen," said Svend Auken, former Danish Environment Minister at the Beyond Kyoto Conference in Århus.

    A former Danish environment minister doubts that the international climate summit in Copenhagen in December will result in a successor to the Kyoto Protocol and proposes […]

    John D. Hofmeister: We need a ‘Vietnam movement’ for climate change

    John D. Hofmeister, former president of the Shell Oil Company, embodies the environmental shift that is needed in international energy policy to adress climate change. In less than a year, Hofmeister has gone from presiding over a mighty oil company to head an organisation that promotes grassroots activism as the most important weapon for environmental […]

    David King: Address climate change or risk armed conflict

    Professor Sir David King adressing the audience at the "Beyond Kyoto" conference in Århus (photo by Thorsten Weitling)

    Nuclear power and genetically modified food have never been popular with traditional environmentalists. But these are necessities of the future, if we as a whole wish to reduce our greenhouse gas emissions, according to […]

    Sir David King: a short biography

    Professor Sir David King Born in Durban, South Africa in 1934 Age: 69 Director of the Smith School for Enterprise and the Environment, at the University of Oxford Former Chief Scientific Adviser to the British Government Co-author of the environmental book “The Hot Topic ”

    Sir David King […]

    The “Daily News – Beyond Kyoto” team

    Name – University – Country

    Alex (Alexander) Skorochid – – Ryerson (CA) – – Canada Andrew King – – Concordia (ca) University – – Canada Anne Shifley – – Missouri – – USA Anne-Meike van den Berg – – Utrecht – – Netherlands Fiona Collienne – – IHECS, Bruxelles – – Belgium Gemma Black – […]