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    Voices: “The economic crisis is partly caused by the climate crisis”


    Hans Buhl, Aarhus University (DK)

    Hans Buhl, Aarhus University (DK): “I think it’s even more important [to have a climate conference] because of the economic crisis. I had a speech this morning arguing that the economic crisis is partly caused by the climate crisis and high energy prices. To me it appears that it is very important to integrate the two things and that there might be economic benefit from producing climate programs.”

    “Billions of dollars have been invested to ease the financial crisis, so why not invest money on the same scale to reduce climate problems? Apparently the money is there, so it’s a political choice whether to use it just to save banks, or for projects that will help both economy and climate.”

    “It is always good to know what others know, that changes something. I think it’s characteristic that the focus here is not so much on the scientific aspects on climate itself, but rather the consequences of the climate changes and means of reducing the problems. In that sense, this conference might change something.”

    “We can all reduce our ecological footprints if we remain aware of how we consume energy.”

    By Monta Neinberga

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