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    Cleaner technology a new victim of the financial crisis

    Professor Frede Hvelplund, Aalborg University

    The search for cleaner technology is in limbo as failing markets and oil dependency have businesses scrambling

    Competing financial and environmental interests threaten the pursuit of green technology, said Aalborg University Professor Frede Hvelplund at the ‘Beyond Kyoto’ conference on Friday.

    With government and business shifting their focus […]

    Golf course shows how greener greens make more money

    Fighting global warming does not necessarily need to cost a fortune. The owner of one of Europe’s biggest golf resort has proven that investing in the environment can also make business sense.

    When Poul Anker Lübker decided to invest some extra million Euros to make his new golf resort greener than average, […]

    It pays to be socially responsible

    Modern companies can no longer get away with ignoring their production’s impact on the environment or the conditions of the workers who are involved in the process. Caring for the world through Corporate Social Responsibility has therefore become imperative and widespread. From January 1 it is mandatory for the 1100 biggest companies of Denmark to […]