Nanotechnology for lunch

The fourth session of the nanotechnological theme has just ended, and I want to do some short interviews with the speakers on hydrogen as a future energy carrier. However, after attempts to ask them if they have a minute for a few comments, they ask me to join them for lunch instead.
It wasn’t exactly my [...]

Nanotechnology: Small particles for great challenges

Nanotechnology is about manipulating particles to make new materials. In one of the potentially most far-reaching projects, scientists want to prevent heat from disappearing during the burning of fossil fuels. This will dramatically increase the efficiency and reduce global warming.
Imagine if your jacket could charge your Ipod only by using your body heat. Or think in an even [...]

Fast facts: What does nanotechnology mean?

What does Nanotechnology mean?
There’s always been research in making things smaller, more delicate and now scientists and researchers have become so skilled that they can make and manipulate so-called nanostructures.  Through these nanostructures they create materials and construct systems with completely new abilities.
The word nano is derived from the Greek word “nanos”, meaning dwarf. Nano [...]

A brief intro - nanotech

Nanotechnology solutions for a sustainable future

How can the study of atoms, too small for the naked eye to see, bring about changing the earth’s climate? Researchers from around the world will present their work to show how nanotechnology can play a role in the development of future energy supplies.
Right now, the major challenge being [...]