Corn-based biofuel, fluke or future?

Former advisor to British Prime Minister Tony Blair highly critical of U.S. recovery of energy and investment in food production.
In 2008, an increase in production costs of grains and rice, coupled with American policies on foreign trade agreements triggered a hike in food prices.
Before the food crisis, 1.3 billion are estimated to have been living on [...]

Brazil offers the world a solution for biofuels

The crops currently used for green fuels in Europe are inefficient and contributes to global warming. In Brazil you can fill your car with environmentally friendly ethanol for half the prize of gasoline.

Maize is bad, so is soy. Oil palms are often planted on destroyed rainforest and useful agricultural land, said professor Stephen P. Long, a crop [...]

Cows in a cage: the solution to climate change.

In the future, green consumers might be faced with a difficult choice: Do they want to buy meat from grazing, grass-fed, cows who emit 50% more greenhouse gasses than their locked-up counterparts? Or do they want to prioritize the fight against climate change by supporting farmers who keep their cattle indoors, minimizing the emissions of [...]

A brief intro - bioenergy solutions

Bioenergy is renewable energy made available from materials derived from biological sources. It is often used synonymously with biofuel, which is fuel derived from biological sources. In a broad sense, this includes biomass, the material from which fuel can be extracted, derived from recently living organisms. This biological material from which biofuel and thus bioenergy [...]