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    About and Contact

    The site:
    This is the official news site for the BEYOND KYOTO conference in Århus, Denmark, March 2009.

    The specials:
    Read Janus Bek Julin’s opinion piece on broken promises.
    Read Sofie Skamris Pedersen’s reportage from a nanotechnology lunch.

    The group: journalisthojskolen_spotThe site is produced and edited by journalism students and their teachers from the Danish School of Media and Journalism. The group is international, with students from all over Europe, Canada/USA, Korea and Australia. Here are names of all group members.
    See us at work by viewing this slideshow.

    The project:
    This semester program – one of four international programs at the school – is part of the GEJI project on education within environmental journalism. It is the first large student activity of the GEJI project. geji-logo Students have during February attended the workshop “International News Gathering” with a focus on environmental issues, and are following the workshop “Risk Reporting”. The newsdesk operates independently from the organisers of the Beyond Kyoto conference, but have kindly had access to regular press facilities and services. The news are published for free, but copyright stays with the group members. That is: use us, quote us.

    The staff: The “DNBK” editorial staff consists of 25 students, with the assistant professors Jesper Strudsholm and Asbjørn Jørgensen as editors-in-chief. Ass. professor John Frølich and Kristian Strøbech contributed. Technical support and equipment was provided with professional assistance from the school’s IT Department.

    Contact us: For tips, advice, critique – contact the editors-in-chief by phone, email or in the press center during the conference: Jesper Strudsholm 2098 7643, email Asbjørn Jørgensen 2175 2125, email