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    Once again, the rich spoke about the absent poor

    Everybody agree that the climate challenges are global. But the list of speakers reveals only a few names from the developing world.


    The Århus message: Send more money

    Money and private investments; this is what the climate summit in Copenhagen in December needs more than anything, if the world’s leaders want it to succeed.


    Forests are the best carbon absorbers

    Climate change must begin in the forests rather than from investing billions in storing CO2 in the underground.


    India weathers even harder times

    More drought, more flooding; more cholera and malaria; increased unemployment… India is one of the most threatened by climate change – and one of the least prepared.


    Risky fishery in melted Arctic

    No ice is bad for the polar bears, but opens up new business opportunities for the fishing industry.


    Don’t do this at home

    See the smoke, drink the CO2 – to attract attention to the real CO2 problem.

    Environmental groups: Carbon capture is a scam

    It’s a scam, it’s unsafe, it’s the pipe dream of the coal industry. Environmental groups do not believe in the idea of catching and storing the dangerous CO2.

    Host city Århus refuses to wait and heat

    From 2015 Danish legislation will demand that buildings consume only half of the energy that they do today. But the City of Århus wants to make it happen even faster.


    House of the future makes its debut

    The house – minutes away from the conference – will produce its own electriciy and heating. It will even charge an electric car and return power to the electrical grid.


    Greener golf greens make more money

    Golf courses are heavy polluters. A standard golf course uses six times more pesticides than a farm. The water consumption is enormous. But it can pay to be more environmental friendly.

    News room at work

    25 international journalism students cover the Beyond Kyoto conference. See us working! Read our specials!

    A view at the conference

    See the photos.


    MP: carbon trading is medieval

    Industrial nations want to pay money for redemption for their sins. That’s a medieval approach, keynote speaker Svend Auken claims.


    Action needed to avoid armed conflicts

    The world’s population will reach 9 billion in 2050. We must re-think our resource management to avoid more conflicts, said Sir David King.

    Ice rink

    Skating rinks pollute conference host cities

    Cooling down ice skating rinks consumes a lot of energy. A rink is situated right in front of the Århus Concert Hall hosting the climate change conference.


    Wanted: A new Vietnam movement

    John D. Hofmeister, former president of the Shell Oil Company, embodies the environmental shift is needed to adress climate change.